Peter Pearson

Thanks for your interest in my recent interview on NPR.

I hope you get some valuable insights for your relationship regarding:

  • The stages of a relationship or marriage
  • Lies we tell our partners
  • Triggers we have that cause challenges in our relationships

You won't want to miss my impromptu session with a stranger where I walked a listener through a long time trigger that he had interacting with his partner. In less than ten minutes, he was able to begin feeling differently and break a pattern he has had for years (Listener Question 2 at about 36 minutes in).

Podcast Highlights:

01:05 – Honeymoon Stage and Innocent Lies in the Beginning
05:40 – Avoiding the Truth
10:00 – Start to Work as a TEAM
10:45 – Partners on a Pedestal at the Beginning
11:30 – Tell Me No Lies
11:45 – Second Stage – Power Struggles
15:50 – Marriage is the only Non-Hierarchical Relationship there is.
17:15 – F Words in the Marriage (they aren't what you think).
18:54 – When one person is disillusioned before the other.
21:55 – Couples have already created a roadmap for their marriage!
22:40 – The best thing you can do after your first fight after marriage.
26:40 – The acronym for couples as a T-E-A-M!
36:06 – Listener Question 2: Trigger for Partner in a 19 Year Marriage. (Don't Miss This)
38:55 – Learn how you can benefit from information/feedback from your past.
39:30 – Secret is to Learn Two Skills and…
41:26 – An Exercise to reduce your Trigger emotions with your partner.
51:28 – How to be open, transparent, and start the conversation.
52:35 – How to negotiate.

Act Now

  1. Go here to read more about super negotiation I mentioned in the podcast.
  2. You might also be interested in our book Tell Me No Lies and Initiating Calm Discussions.

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3 years ago

This was amazing

2 years ago

Thank you so very much.

The simple quick easy ONE minute to
Clam and Curious state exercise
( starting timestamp 47:50 I think approx )
,really helpful to for me

The steps in the exercise is
-Access mentally emotionally an old stressful trigger
– while breathing slowly and deeply
– while blinking my eyes slowly
– simply verbally speaking out
It’s ok now that the dangers passed

totally allowed me to
unglue and unfreeze and process that experience
And thus be able to let go and move forward.

Though shall propably have to do it for more than.a minute
for this particular one

Thank you for the explainations , that helped too

Thank You
Thank You

To.all.of you who made this possible and brought this about

2 years ago

Kindly pardon and overlook the typing, layout, syntax, spelling and grammatical errors.
Am physically quite challenged and in a lot of pain at the moment

2 years ago

You are quite welcome. I’m glad it was useful.