Narcissistic Partners

Losing Direction: With Narcissistic or Demanding Partners

Direction-imageIt is awfully easy to lose direction when working with narcissistic partners in couples therapy. They bring a dominant energy into the session and often make demands on you as well as their partners. They may have a loudly articulated direction they want you to go. My husband Pete likes to say, “they need what they don’t want and want what they don’t need – and don’t know the difference.”… Read more... “Losing Direction: With Narcissistic or Demanding Partners”

The Narcissistic Personality

… Why Recognizing Hurt and Vulnerability Leads to Greater Self-Acceptance Our culture in the United States is one that supports narcissism. We tend to revere athletes and celebrities and elevate those who are rich or beautiful. Many of these people give very little to get a lot. Someone once said, “If it weren't for marriage or committed relationships, some people could go through life believing they had no faults at all.” Welcome to the inner world of the narcissist, the person who is quick to feel entitled to get and slow to give. Over the years, it has been a challenge to become more effective with these individuals when seeing them in the couples context.… Read more... “The Narcissistic Personality”