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couple sitting on couch looking scaredRealtors and carpenters alike say that when a couple moves to a new house, they’ll see things that could use some fixing up.

The carpenters and realtors also say the couple has about six months to take action on the repairs. After that the repairs fade into oblivion even though they continue to get worse over time.

One realtor said to me, “There could be a corpse in the living room, but if they don’t get rid of it in six months they will just keep stepping over it.”

Humans have a natural ability to adjust to some pretty bad situations.

What's the lesson for the first six months of marriage, or for the first few months after a big change in your relationship?

One partner in the couple will notice something in the relationship that feels off kilter. But in an attempt to avoid rocking the boat and be a good sport, nothing is said.

After a while one or the other partner – or maybe both –  just keeps stepping over the body.

It is better to do something about the body before the nasty effects build up (no need to elaborate).

In fact, here's a guide that gives you a way to have a stress-free conversation with your partner about any topic.

Get it here now before things really stink.

You get a great resource for good discussions on twitchy topics and you overcome the normal human tendency to procrastinate on things that are good for us. And you dispose of that body.


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Peter Pearson, Ph.D., and his wife, Dr. Ellyn Bader, founded The Couples Institute in 1984. Both are psychologists and directors of the Institute and have helped over a thousand couples in their work.

Pete is an engaging and dynamic therapist, speaker and writer. His work includes practical skills, advanced techniques in regulating difficult emotions and entertaining vignettes from his own marriage to demonstrate how some impasses are managed.

He has been featured in over 50 radio and television programs including “The Today Show” and “CBS Early Morning News,” and quoted in publications including “The New York Times,” “Oprah Magazine” and “Cosmopolitan.” His popular book, “Tell Me No Lies,” has been of critical help to many couples.

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