Rapid Relationship Repair

Improve Your Own Dancing First

dancing couple I don’t know if you’re keeping up with the latest season of “Dancing With The Stars” but there is some real energy and personality there. Just like in many other arenas, Ellyn and I are on different pages about who we think should win. Regardless of who wins, here's an idea that's relevant for couples: improve yourself first.… Read more... “Improve Your Own Dancing First”

Couples Resources

This page, organized by the type of program, summarizes the various couples resources that are offered by The Couples Institute. These are in addition to couples therapy, which is described here. Couples Workshops Sign up to join Michelle Wangler Joy, M.A., MFT, for the next Couples Communication Workshop to learn skills to overcome stubborn relationship challenges. Invite one of our therapists to speak to your couples, parents, or family-focused community group by contacting our office here. E-Book Initiating Calm Discussions In this e-book by Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. and Peter Pearson, Ph.D., you will discover three different perspectives for every discussion.… Read more... “Couples Resources”

The Biggest Obstacle for All Marriages Is…

  The biggest obstacle for all marriages is the desire to feel better. That's right. What gets in your way, my way and everybody else's way of a growing marriage is the human instinct to feel better when distressed. Here's what I mean. In any disagreement or with any annoying problem, each of you has a strong desire to get relief as soon as possible. It is wired into our brain as part of evolutionary survival. Feeling better is what we strive for when we negotiate, solve problems, or try to be understood. We want to get relief as efficiently and as easily as possible. This is also part of our evolutionary heritage.… Read more... “The Biggest Obstacle for All Marriages Is…”