Comments from Couples

“This workshop has a remarkable upside and absolutely no downside. The relationship with my partner has grown tremendously.”


“I thought we were through, and now I think we have 75 more years ahead of us.”


“The workshop has had a profound effect on our relationship. This is the first time in years that I believe a change is possible.”


“This workshop might have saved my marriage and my life. I am most thankful.”


Comments from our Peers

“A thousand thank-you’s for such a great course. Rich content, well presented. Fabulous references to other resources. Outstanding bonuses. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the creation of this program; really well done!”

~ Kathleen Hancox Izzo, CHT, Ogunquit, ME

“I am learning so much. I am so grateful to you and all who make this such a powerful learning experience. I now feel confident in working with the most difficult cases. The consultations are invaluable. I cannot thank you enough.”

~ Mary Jane Hooper, LMFT, Fort Worth, Texas

“Having a full year to work through all the lessons has been great. There is so much to learn. I have enjoyed the material and the way you present it in helpful handouts, and dialog with participants. Thank you for an intense, challenging course. I appreciate your dedication to quality teaching.”

~ Mary Onodera, LMFT, Sacramento, CA