Welcome to The Couples Institute! We’re happy that you’re interested in reading a bit about who we are and what we’ve developed here at the Institute over the years we’ve been working with couples.

You might want to check out our more popular articles from our clinical blog for therapists:

How to Identify Failed Empathy in the Narcissistic Partner
In this post we address the low level of empathy in the narcissistic partner. A narcissistic partner would never start therapy by saying this in an initial interview:  “I wish I could give even when it isn’t convenient for me.”

The 6 Types of Confrontation Video
Watch and listen as Ellyn describes the 6 types of confrontation, the cycle of confrontation, and the value of an indirect confrontation…

An Unexpected Opening for Hypocrisy
Today we’re examining a session with a volatile couple that quickly escalate and change topics. They don’t listen well to each other. They have a long history of…

The Value of Obsessing About An Affair
Last month Pete and I taught a teleseminar course called “Affairs in Couples Therapy.” One topic we covered was the value of ….

Self-Reflection in Chronically Angry Couples
This month I’m writing about the chronically angry couple. These couples often wait too long to go to therapy or may have tried therapy with a therapist who did not….

And finally, the Paper Exercise
The Paper Exercise reveals couples’ dynamics and their ability to differentiate. It can be used either diagnostically or as an intervention into the couples’….

Thanks for reading. You may have some questions about the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy at this point, or just about The Couples Institute itself. You can learn more about us here, and you can sign up on the right of the page for our e-newsletter for therapists.

Thank you for your interest in helping couples,

Dr. Ellyn Bader

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