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Entreprenuers -2 day intensive

Maybe love and work were happily merged from the very beginning. Or maybe the demanding life you’re living now is beyond anything you ever imagined.

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A lot has changed since you fell in love, hasn’t it?

You may not have realized how HARD it would be to keep love and intimacy alive as an entrepreneurial couple. Or the struggle it would take to keep work from invading every corner of your life … driving out the space you need to relax and just be.

We know. From 36 years as married partners – 34 of those years spent working with couples and building our business together – we have seen it all. And over the years, we’ve dealt with the struggles you’re facing right now.

But we know that, with the right support, you can move past these obstacles. Our 2-day couples intensive gets at the heart of what you both want: a strong, thriving relationship that helps you realize the dreams that brought you together and fuels your work success.



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