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Beyond I Messages:

Safe and Sane Couples Communication

How many times have you and your partner struggled to discuss a problem without pointing fingers or getting agitated? And even if your partner says they are not blaming – do you feel blamed anyway?
Using a unique structure to guide you through your toughest topics, you can start discussing difficulties without triggering defensive reflexes in each other.
You’ll learn individual steps for initiating difficult discussions.
You will also hear a live demonstration of a couple practicing this process.
And we’re teaching things that can help you even if your partner chooses not to listen!

Soothing Moments:

Rapid Relationship Repair

Do you ever feel hurt by something your partner says? Do you feel angry or rejected when your partner seems to be thoughtless?

You will learn:

+ What to say and do to alleviate pain more rapidly.
+ How to move past the pain.
+ How to overcome distance, withdrawal and the silent treatment to enjoy more closeness with your partner.

In this one-hour audio with Pete and Ellyn you'll learn a quick way to repair your relationship and get back on track with your partner.

My Passive Aggressive Partner Is Driving Me Nuts

If you're one of the millions of people living with a passive aggressive partner, you know how frustrating that can be – broken agreements, chronic lateness, and procrastination around completing even mundane household tasks. You feel their resistance at every interaction. There IS help!

Dr. Peter Pearson has developed an audio workshop of over 100 minutes, that can help you work through this situation with your partner. This workshop shows you how to recognize core passive aggressive characteristics, how to understand the origins of this behavior, and how to help you and your partner set positive goals. You'll also hear suggestions for what you can do to handle this frustrating dynamic. You'll learn how to make significant changes that can improve your life together.

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