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What Others Say:

"This course has lit me on fire! As of June I will have released all of my contracts to work for others. This course has helped me to think and plan for what I want to do rather than what others want me to do.” Anne O'Connor, MSW RSW, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

"This has been the best investment in growth that I have ever made. As a result of your mentoring I see my clients through different eyes and the joy of learning is tangible on my part and on theirs. Thank you so, so much." Janet Congo, MFT, Coto de Caza, CA

"With the arrival of each new lesson my understanding of the dynamics of couples relationships from a developmental perspective steadily increased. The course included practical and theoretical training, presentations from leading experts in related subjects, and a forum to network with other therapists. It has been an enriching experience for me, both personally and professionally." Nancy St. John, H.Dip Counselling, Tullamore, IR

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