Thich Nhat Hanh

The Deepest Act of Forgiveness: Forgiving Yourself

A friend forgives another friend for gossiping about her. A husband forgives a wife for lying to him about her intimate relationship with another man. A mother forgives the man who murdered her daughter. The human capacity to forgive even the deepest wrongs is awe-inspiring. For many people, forgiving others is liberation from anger and grievance, and it leads to a richer and happier life. But psychologists and others in the helping professions say there is an even deeper peace to be found through what might be the hardest act of all – forgiving yourself. The first part of any conflict we must resolve is not between “me and my neighbor,” but between “me and me.” So believes author and therapist Thom Rutledge, who has written extensively on forgiveness and self-forgiveness.… Read more...