Welcome to The Couples Institute. We hope you enjoyed our discussion with Tami on creating more intimacy in your relationship. You may be more motivated than your partner to deepen the intimacy. And that’s ok if so.

The two tools below can help you and your partner begin to line up your intentions and expectations so that you can travel the road to intimacy together.

1. Safe and Sane Communication – Audio

How many times have you and your partner struggled to discuss a problem without pointing fingers or getting agitated? Have you tried using “I” messages and still gotten nowhere? Or, has your partner brought up a problem and tried to be constructive, but you still felt blamed?

If so, you are not alone. But, there is a way to avoid this.

Conversations that are conflict-ridden occur because each person defaults into a self-protective mode. All ineffective communication stems from the natural desire to get relief from the pain or threat each person feels. When you are calmer, when you can avoid pain or feeling threatened, topics can be discussed more easily.

Listen to Ellyn and Peter’s one-hour audio to learn an innovative approach to discussing challenging topics. Using a unique structure to guide you through your toughest topics, you can start discussing difficulties without triggering defensive reflexes in each other.

You’ll learn individual steps for initiating difficult discussions.

You will also hear a live demonstration of a couple practicing this process.

And we’re teaching things that can help you even if your partner chooses not to listen!

The downloadable audio usually costs $40.00, but for our Sounds True member audience, it is only $20.00, a 50% discount. You will also get a transcript of the audio so you can conveniently skim and review the material after you listen to it.

2. Initiating Calm Discussions: E-book

Did you know that your brain complicates communication when the stakes are high? Learn how this happens and how to bring up a tough topic while encouraging your partner to talk it through with you.

In this 20-page downloadable e-book, you will discover three different perspectives for every discussion. You’ll also learn two specific roles you and your partner can use to improve challenging discussions. And you’ll get a six-step exercise that prepares you to bring up even the most sensitive topic.

The e-book is $16.99 in our online store, but for our Sounds True member audience, it is a FREE bonus when you purchase the above “Safe and Sane Communication” audio.

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