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Breakthroughs with Infidelity CASES

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Learn how to work with couples confronting infidelity and the pain of betrayal

This special bundle gives you instant access to three popular trainings on infidelity.

Training #1: Managing the Crisis of Infidelity: How to Lead Your Clients from Raw Pain to Constructive Action

90-minute Recorded Webinar
In this unique clinical presentation presented via recorded webinar, you will learn:
You’ll also gain in depth training on some very important foundational truths about infidelity including:

Training #2: Affairs in Couples Therapy

This 1-hour audio training session is about working with couples where one partner has had an affair.

Learn specific aspects of diagnosis and treatment:

Training #3: Obsessing After Infidelity

90-minute Recorded Webinar
In today’s world of cell phones, text messages and emails, it has become much easier for partners to unearth infidelity – and then follow the communication trail between lovers. Obsessing about the details of an affair can become a crippling roadblock for a betrayed partner in therapy.
Plus, you’ll get instant access to these handouts:
#1:Transcript of Managing the Crisis of Infidelity
#2:Deep Empathy: One Partner Suspects an Affair, the Other Denies It
#3:Guide to Working with Infidelity: Self-Assessment, Evaluation, and the Three Stages of Infidelity Treatment

Presented by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson

Ellyn and Peter co-founded The Couples Institute in 1986 and have an impressive legacy in couples therapy training. They are creators of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, a model that teaches therapists how to diagnose, intervene, and significantly help troubled relationships. They have presented workshops to therapists throughout the United States as well as Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, and Ellyn currently conducts an online program that has trained professionals from more than 60 countries.

Peter and Ellyn are authors of two books. Their first book, In Quest of the Mythical Mate, won the Clark Vincent Award by the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists for its outstanding contribution to the field of marital therapy and has been reprinted over 20 times. Their second book, Tell Me No Lies, was written for the public and has been of critical help to couples as well as therapists.

Peter and Ellyn have been featured on over 50 radio and television programs including The Today Show and CBS Early Morning News, and they have been quoted in countless publications including The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.
Ellyn and Peter are unusual in their field in that they are a couple themselves and have confronted many of the challenges that they write and speak about.
“Not only do you get to see the clinical video of the first session after the affair, but you will see Ellyn explaining why she and Pete did what they did and why. I believe with every fiber of my being that every couples therapist in the world needs to see this video. There are countless interventions modeled, such as strengthening differentiation and Gestalt 2-chair work. It’s a privilege to watch that session and hear the discussion.”

Lauren C. Ostrowski, MA, LPC, NCC, Pottstown, PA

“Ellyn and Pete have a rare combination of brilliance, great teaching skills, commitment to their students, and humanity. I also find Ellyn and Pete to be amazing teachers. They are both remarkably clear and precise in articulating the underlying dynamics and possible places to intervene with a couple in a way that I can take with me and implement in my practice. I almost always walk away from each day of training filled to the brim with new insights and ways of thinking that I then bring into my teaching and clinical practice.
I appreciate their clinical brilliance that much more because it comes with such warmth and vulnerability. I believe that a big part of my success in private practice, and my deep satisfaction with my work has been a result of my training with Ellyn and Pete.”

Michael Klein, PhD, San Francisco, CA

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Gain tools for self-assessment, evaluation, and treatment for infidelity, and the skills to organize what you know into a successful treatment plan.