My Passive Aggressive Partner is Driving Me Nuts (Audio MP3)

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If you're one of the millions of people living with a passive aggressive partner, you know how frustrating that can be . . .

broken agreements, chronic lateness, and procrastination around completing even mundane household tasks.

You feel their resistance at every interaction.

There is help . . .

Dr. Peter Pearson has developed an audio workshop, of over 100 minutes, that can help you work through this situation with your partner. This workshop shows you how to recognize core passive aggressive characteristics, how to understand the origins of this behavior, and how to help you and your partner set positive goals. You'll also hear suggestions for what you can do to handle this frustrating dynamic. You'll learn how to make significant changes that can improve your life together.

This downloadable audio workshop offers you penetrating insights into a psychologist's thoughts on passive aggressive behavior. The material was recorded at a professional conference, to an audience of therapists. But the information is practical for frustrated, suffering partners, as well.
You'll learn directly from Dr. Peter Pearson about the dynamics and origins of passive-aggressive behavior, about how these partners frustrate those around them, and about what you can do to encourage change.

Moderated by Dr. Ellyn Bader

Co-founder and director of The Couples Institute, author, therapist, and trainer who is passionate about couples therapy and devoted to her trainees.