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The Hostile Angry Couple – Digital Download Set (Audio)

The Hostile Angry Couple – Digital Download Set (Audio)


This comprehensive collection of material will help you take a stronger leadership role and be more targeted in your interventions with angry partners.


This set includes 2 one-hour seminars discussing The Hostile Angry Couple and a 62-page PDF book.

With the tools and skills presented here, you might even discover that you enjoy working with these couples who can otherwise be so intimidating.

You will learn to use Attachment and Differentiation Theory to:
Contain Conflict, Disrupt Symbiosis, Repair Relationship Ruptures, Address the Developmental Stalemate, Manage Aggressive Sessions, Require Development, Develop Yourself as a More Effective Therapist.

The downloadable files include two one-hour MP3 audios. The PDF book contains 1) written transcripts of the seminars for study or review, 2) Powerpoint slides from the original live seminars, and 3) client handouts for use with your hostile angry couples.

This resource is also available in a shippable format that includes a printed book and audio files on a USB drive. Click here to purchase this option instead of the downloadable version.