How To Create Breakthroughs with the Hostile Angry Couple

Do you dread sessions with the angry, bitter, hostile couple?

That seems impossible to help because they are so emotionally charged and committed to being right?

If you ever had a session with this type of couple you’ve surely noticed that some partners are unshakably committed to their positions.

But only a small percentage of therapists know how to skillfully break through rigid defenses and defuse so much hostility.

After decades of seeing couples, we finally discovered an approach that smoothes the way with hostile angry couples and puts you in the leadership role instead of a reactionary one.

It works with existing angry clients or new clients and Dr. Ellyn Bader teaches it in a 2-hour training designed to help you learn how to reduce hostility and conflict, while promoting an environment of healing necessary for breakthroughs.

With the tools and skills presented in the Hostile Angry Couple training course, you might even discover that you enjoy working with these couples who can be otherwise intimidating.

Even if you work with angry couples already, you might find some surprising and useful approaches in this special offer.

The strategies taught in the course can change the way you do therapy with couples.


Whether you order the paperback or the digital version, here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Plus, we cover in-depth techniques rarely taught like how to...

Use Attachment and Differentiation Theory for Breakthroughs
Contain Conflict
Disrupt Symbiosis
Repair Relationship Ruptures
Addressing the Developmental Stalemate
Manage Aggressive Sessions
Require Development

Meet Your Teacher, Dr. Ellyn Bader

Hi, I'm Dr. Ellyn Bader. I am the co-founder and the director of The Couples Institute and co-creator of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, with my husband, Dr. Peter Pearson. When we created the Developmental Model over 30 years ago, it helped launch the specialty of couples therapy. The Developmental Model has not only withstood the test of time, but it has served as the foundation for all of the strategies and interventions introduced at The Couples Institute and taught around the world. I want to give you the tools and strategies we’ve learned so that it won’t take you years to discover them. After helping thousands of therapists like you, I know I can help you, too.

Check out what other therapists are saying...

“This gave me exactly what I needed for a couple I have been working with for a while. She is hostile dependent and he is somewhat passive aggressive. ….We are moving forward slowly, but it is so reassuring for me as a therapist to see clearly and have a plan.”
Cecilie Croissant, LPC
Collinsville, OK
“Over the years, I had added many tools to my toolbox. But with couples, I found myself often at a loss. Using the CI approach for hostile angry couples has become so very important to me. I’m learning to identify a couples’ cycle sooner, describe it better, noticing vulnerability and applauding it.”
Andrea Tang, LMHC
Port Saint Lucie, FL

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Get 2 hours of audio training and a 62-page workbook

“But Ellyn, I’m not seeing very many couples in my practice currently. Can this still help me?"


Whether you work with couples or individuals, you’re bound to end up with an angry client in your office. The tools you learn in this guide help you manage the anger in a constructive way and support your leadership in high intensity situations.

If you’re interested in seeing more couples, this guide equips you with what you need to feel comfortable taking on new clients, especially ones with built up resentment and bitterness. And you’ll learn a proven way to recover if you’ve made a mistake or if the couple doesn’t respond well to something you’ve asked or said (all is not lost)!

You’ll also discover how to structure the first few sessions with these clients so they don’t have the same complaints about you that they have about therapists they’ve worked with in the past.

Learn how to be a strong leader, set firm boundaries, and address underlying deficits without letting either partner bully you into discussing the fight of the week!

Register Now for only $79

Get 2 hours of audio training and a 62-page workbook

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