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Strong Start with Couples

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Our Strong Start bundle puts your best foot forward with new couples

This bundle delivers three of our most popular resources, all working together for you to make a strong and impressive start with new couples in your practice.

#1: Rethinking First Sessions

A 60-minute audio of Dr. Peter Pearson sharing his experimentation and success with a new approach to first sessions.
Pete covers these points and many more:
This audio training comes with a 12-page summary of the session and links to two educational, motivational videos available on YouTube that Pete shows new couples.

#2: Stepping Stones to Intimacy (Pack of 25 brochures)

The Stepping Stones brochure is a great tool to give every new couple. It describes normal relationship stages of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy and provides them a way to choose next steps in their evolution.

#3: Tell Me No Lies (Paperback book)

This book was written for the public but covers many aspects of truth in relationships that therapists will find fascinating and therapeutic: