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  1. Our article How to Get the Most Out of Couples Therapy can help you know what to expect from couples therapy and know how you and your partner can make the most of your investment.
  2. Some of our more popular couples-help articles are here in the case they address your situation:

    - Stepping Stones to Intimacy

    - Super Negotiating for Couples

    - 7 Steps to Change Your Partner

    - Does Your Partner Drive You Nuts? The Passive Aggressive Personality

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More from The Couples Institute…

What makes a good couples therapist?

Sometimes, in spite of doing extensive online research and phone interviews, you can wind up in a chair facing a therapist who is not experienced enough to handle your problem, or one who does not have the best interests of both partners and the relationship at heart. You can easily waste lots of time, energy and money.

We are an institute. This means we are highly-trained couples therapists and that we have access to more enriching resources than any single practitioner could provide.

And as we mentioned above, as our client you will have access to a large library of our proprietary ‘self-help’ information, during and after your time in therapy.

All of these cutting edge tools, skills and insights can accelerate the growth of your relationship. This saves enormous time, energy, and money which increases the value of your time spent in the therapy office.

We offer the free phone consultation upfront so that you can learn more about how The Couples Institute can help you best, and learn more about the therapist you’ll see. Then, our therapists will recommend a longer session for your first appointment. This enables them to understand your situation and most of the time can start making headway in the first session.

Finally, we care about your relationship, and our caring does not stop when the session ends. We encourage you to give us feedback between sessions about your successes and challenges. We want the time in the office to be as productive and constructive as possible.

Our level of expertise, proven model of couples therapy and dedication to your relationship is what truly sets The Couples Institute apart in our ability to help you and your partner.

And when it comes to therapy, thoughtful people often wonder …

  • Can my relationship be helped?
  • Could therapy make things worse?
  • Will I be blamed for most of the distress?
  • Will I get to be understood and heard?
  • How long will it take?

These are understandable concerns. We can’t answer without knowing you and your situation, but we can suggest a few questions that you may wish to inquire of a therapist when calling for an appointment. You may want to ask:

How long have you been working with couples? Experience is extremely important.

What percent of your practice is composed of couples? This speaks not only to experience but also to a commitment and specialization in couples therapy.

How extensive is your training in couple’s therapy? The complexity of relationships and the emotional brain make it imperative the therapist be thoroughly and extensively trained in the psychology and biology of relationships.

How active are you in your couples work? Working with couples requires the therapist to be more active and directive than working with individuals. Being so active is uncomfortable for a lot of therapists.

Do you give homework? We believe it is important to suggest a focus between meetings.

What theoretical framework do you utilize? There are many different theoretical approaches but the experienced therapist can articulate his or hers.

Our experienced therapists are ready to answer these questions for you, and will make sure you can see positive results in your relationship as soon as possible.