Thanks for your interest. On this page you’ll find some new information about working with couples online and also some thought-provoking questions. There’s a 5-minute video about starting online sessions, a chart showing advantages and disadvantages of working online, and a list of important considerations.

Seeing your couples online holds a great deal of potential – and possibly anxiety, too. We hope you’ll find the information on this page helpful.

5-Minute Video About Beginning Sessions.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Online:


  • Potential to use the crisis/quarantine to improve and reinforce the couple’s ability to work as a team
  • Increased intimacy from “meeting” their kids/pets
  • Therapist skills increase because being directive and intervening quickly is essential
  • Ability to reach and work with people from a broader geographic area
  • Convenient for partners who travel a lot
  • Save on office rent if you work from home
  • More flexibility for your schedule
  • Couples like the flexibility, too.
  • Efficient – couples don’t have to take as much time away from work.
  • Unlike telephone work, you can see their nonverbal facial cues
  • Powerful work can be done with the two partners in different locations
  • You can frontload the work before the first session.


  • Zoom fatigue and headaches from too much screen time
  • New modality causes more exhaustion at end of the day
  • Internet and tech challenges
  • You feel less able to control fights and negative energy
  • You can’t control interruptions from family members, phones and pets
  • It is easier for a client to leave a session prematurely
  • Harder to do somatic work

What to Consider as You Move to Working Online.

  • How do you choose whether to work with a new couple or not?
  • What questionnaires or diagnostic forms do you use to screen new clients?
  • Do you always do a phone screening first or do you do some other type of diagnostic evaluation?
  • What is the optimal length of time between first contact and your availability for a first session?
  • How do you accept payment?
  • What is and is not okay to put in email?
  • Do you use an online scheduling calendar or not?
  • How do you deal with internet connection issues?
  • How do you make a strong, solid emotional connection with each partner?
  • What has changed about starting your sessions?
  • What has changed about ending your sessions?
  • Do you ask partners to be in the same room or two different rooms?
  • Do you ask partners to be on one screen or two?
  • When is it essential to be able to see both partners on the screen?
  • How do you onboard old clients who are returning?
  • Do you have strategies for working with fights and volatility?
  • How do you determine clients’ willingness to be accountable for self change?

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  • How to end angry sessions
  • How to manage hostility
  • When and how to use appreciations
  • Negotiating routines
  • How to use experiential exercises
  • Using the stop/replay exercise for repairing triggers
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