I-I Tent Cards (25 cards)

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These guide cards provide coaching and reminders for couples learning the initiator-inquirer communication process.

Our newly updated “I to I” guide cards are great for couples who are learning and practicing the Initiator-Inquirer process. Many therapists insist that these cards are their secret ingredient for success with the Initiator-Inquirer.

These ingenious cards stand on the table between a couple practicing the Initiator-Inquirer. Each partner sees tips and suggestions for their role. When it’s time to switch roles, the couple simply turns the cards around so each partner views the other side, keeping them on track whether they are in your office or practicing at home. The cards come in packs of 25 so that you can give them away as you teach your couples this powerful process.

Moderated by Dr. Ellyn Bader

Co-founder and director of The Couples Institute, author, therapist, and trainer who is passionate about couples therapy and devoted to her trainees.

“My couples LOVE the tent cards. Such a great reminder of what they need to remember when having a difficult conversation. I have them review their role before they start.The tent cards are always handy at home and can be used as their coach when they get in a tough spot at home.”

Lori Weisman, MA, LMHC Bellevue, WA

“The tent cards are an essential part of my couples therapy tool kit. I use them as a teaching tool to show each partner where to focus, and to provide the structure necessary to have better conversations. I send couples home with their own card, so that they can practice what they learn in session. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they are also full of important information that couples need to change and become more effective with one another.”

Sue Diamond, MA, RCC Vancouver, BC