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  • Learn what to ask to evaluate the type of affair
  • Discover 5 common times affairs take place
  • Recognize how the type of affair and length of the affair affects your course of treatment
  • Learn the dynamics revealed by one-night stands, multiple affairs, or same-sex affairs
  • Recognize the 3 stages of infidelity treatment


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If you’d like to go deeper in your learning, I’m presenting a free online workshop series in September. It’s called “What Do You Do When …?” On one of the days I’ll be covering what I believe is the value of a partner obsessing about the details of their partner’s infidelity.

Not only that but I’ll be covering several more topics. You’ll see the schedule below. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! There aren’t many trainers who show their work. But when you join, you’ll get to see me do real therapy with real clients.

I’m really excited to show you exactly what to do with some common and challenging problems you likely face.

In this workshop, I’ll reveal exactly how to use the Developmental Model to shift very entrenched couples and create accountability when none seems forthcoming.

Here’s the full schedule:

  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, September 9, 10am Pacific:
    What Do You Do When Your Clients Aren’t Telling You What You Need to Know?
  • Article and Transcript, September 10:
    What Do You Do When Partners in a Power Struggle Refuse to Budge?
  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, September 11, 1pm Pacific:
    What Do You Do When Couples Think Their Problem is Simply Communication?
  • Article and Clinical Transcript, September 12:
    What Do You Do When Narcissistic Clients Criticize, Attack, and Dominate Your Sessions?
  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, Friday Sept 13, 1pm Pacific:
    What Do You Do When a Client Can’t Stop Obsessing About the Details of an Affair?

Before each webinar, you’ll get a link to join. Make sure you show up on time because we’ll start right away, and I have a ton to share with you.

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