Couples as a Team:

Redefining Your Marital Connection
Thursday, February 22
6pm to 7pm Pacific Time

I’m pleased to present Couples as a Team, a LIVE webinar on February 22 at 6pm Pacific.

When you and your partner work better together as a team you can experience more trust, more passion, and more fun in your relationship. You’ll be able to make better decisions together, and show up during tough moments in a way you can feel proud of.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to learn on this call:

  • The 2 critical skills (and one key attitude) required of both of you to be a good teammate
  • Why it isn’t your fault when you snap at your partner. Really.
  • When you disagree with your partner, why it feels like you’re fighting with Godzilla
  • The Stop and Switch exercise which helps you cast out fear and reconnect with your partner

The cost for this LIVE webinar that gives you priceless strategies to become a team and rebuild bridges when there’s wreckage is only $47 (a fraction of the cost of one session of couples therapy).

As soon as you register, you’ll receive the specific information to join the webinar.

Can’t join us live? Purchase now and you’ll get a recording and a transcript after the event.

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Strengthening your partnership begins before the webinar even starts. To prepare you for the event, you will be emailed a link for an inspirational 3-minute video about teamwork in nature.

Improving your teamwork and your relationship,

Dr. Pete Pearson
The Couples Institute

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Couples as a Team

Live Webinar!

Thursday, February 22nd
6pm to 7pm Pacific Time

Couples as a Team

Live Webinar!

Click to Purchase $47

P.S. Everybody wants to change their partner at some point. All the gurus say you can’t. All the gurus would be wrong. As a bonus for signing up, I’m going to give you The 7 Step Process to Change Your Partner. This document alone is worth the cost of admission. Just ask my partner. She used it to change me!

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