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The Hostile Angry Couple

Advanced Training

Price:  $125 (Normally $183)

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Our advanced Hostile Angry Couple training helps you deal with complex issues with a greater level of confidence.

This bundle delivers three of our most popular resources, all presented by Dr. Peter Pearson. 

#1: The Big Picture: Overcoming Strife and Struggles

A 90-minute webinar training shows you how to get your couples working harder than you are!

#2: The Missing Link: When Couples Therapy Grinds To a Halt

Have you ever hit a plateau when working with distressed couples?

In this 90-minute recorded webinar you will discover how to describe your couples’ “stuckness” in a compassionate, non-blaming way, lead each partner to identify their struggle to be more responsive, and help them understand their conflict so they can move forward.

#3: Ending Chaos, Mayhem, and Verbal Violence

In this one-hour audio with Dr. Peter Pearson, you will learn an approach that smoothes the way with hostile angry couples and puts you in the leadership role instead of reacting helplessly to their self-protective dueling amygdalas.
You’ll also receive a downloadable written transcript of the entire call for you to study and review, and you’ll get 3 helpful client handouts to support your work.