An Audio Workshop by Dr. Peter Pearson

If you're one of the millions of people living with a passive aggressive partner, you know how frustrating that can be . . . broken agreements, chronic lateness, and procrastination around completing even mundane household tasks. You feel their resistance at every interaction.

There is help . . .

Dr. Peter Pearson has developed an audio workshop, of over 100 minutes, that can help you work through this situation with your partner. This workshop shows you how to recognize core passive aggressive characteristics, how to understand the origins of this behavior, and how to help you and your partner set positive goals. You'll also hear suggestions for what you can do to handle this frustrating dynamic. You'll learn how to make significant changes that can improve your life together.

This downloadable audio workshop offers you penetrating insights into a psychologist's thoughts on passive aggressive behavior. The material was recorded at a professional conference, to an audience of therapists. But the information is practical for frustrated, suffering partners, as well.

You'll learn directly from Dr. Peter Pearson about the dynamics and origins of passive-aggressive behavior, about how these partners frustrate those around them, and about what you can do to encourage change.

The program is available as an MP3 audio download, so when buy this audio, you will be taken to a page where you can download and listen to it immediately or at your convenience! There is no CD album to buy, no waiting, and no shipping.

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  1. Justin -First the good news. You are asking yourself some good and difficult questions.
    for example: “However I do wonder if I’m passive agressive as I never tell her how I feel about anything? I keep my frustrations to myself and do not even accept they are there.”
    The short answer is —YES you are passive aggressive. Bait and switch. Lure them in with good actions etc then but out. A classic passive aggressive maneuver.
    Again there is good news. A part of you is examining your patterns. This is the stepping stone to creating more satisfying longer term relationships.
    Really good relationships require AT LEAST THE FOLLOWING THREE THINGS
    SKILLS – communication, negotiations, self-awareness, transparency etc
    WILL – the motivation to apply the skills you learn – even when it takes effort and is emotionally risky to do so
    TRUST – without trust and being dependable & reliable there is no growth and evolution in a relationship. You will never get beyond a mediocre relationship.
    You have a start – keep on questioning.

  2. Hi I’m an awful partner I never call my girlfriend or see her but expect her to chase after me, if she doesn’t I feel angry at her but never tell her just ignore her more. I won’t make plans with her as I can’t stick to them so find it easier not making plans in the first place to stop her getting dissapointend. However it just means we don’t see each other or date or anything. When I first met her I was really kind to her this is what attracted her to me I couldn’t do enough for her I’d always check little thigs like her car water and tyres, wasn’t much but their things she found hard so she appreciated. I’d always call her which she liked. After sleeping with her and feeling comfortable knowing she loved me I stpooed bothering as I don’t need to please her anymore I’ve already won her affections. I know it hurts her that I do all these things for her ex best mate that she doesn’t talk to anymore. I can see how it upsets her but that’s not really my problem, it makes me feel good helping people and she should understand that. If she had been a better girlfriend them times in the past when she needed my help I’d of helped her like I help her ex best mate but she wasn’t a good girlfriend. She was too sensitive and always got insecure when I ignored her or got jealous if I got emails or calls for other women. She always wanted to talk about the things that upset her but I prefer to forget problems and ignore them carrying on as I always have as I like being me. I like doing things my way. If she feels hurt by my actions or ignorance then that’s her problem I’ve never done anything wrong to her. I know she’s hurt that I treat her mate better than her but again that’s her own fault too. However I do wonder if I’m passive agressive as I never tell her how I feel about anything? I keep my frustrations to myself and do not even accept they are there. I’ve never suffered from depression or anything and am a really kind happy optimistic person. So I’m never sad or wrong, it’s all her and she needs to sort herself out. I doubt I am passive agressive. To top it off she’s now had enough.. she’s moving on finally. To be honest it’s a relief I only really enjoyed her for sex, I can’t deal with any type of commitment, she has 3 awful kids too. I met them once when I turned up late coked up off my face at her caravan. Worst brats I’ve ever met told the youngest that too. So I’ve avoided them too. In fact I don’t even bother going to see her as I know her kids will be there. Really it was just about sex… which after a few weeks of not seeing her I do miss that side of things. It only takes a text or call and she’s back in my bed anyway, I throw a few false promises at her about how great were going to be and she’s putty in my hand. I then ignore her again, she falls for it everytime. Though Im not nasty I do care about her, I think at times I may even love her but I like to do what I want when I want and don’t have time for a women with kids. If I’m honest I really need a women with no commitments or kids, someone who doesn’t need any input from me, I really can’t deal with dating or ringing or texting. Though I do enjoy me and her ex best mates calls and texts were on the phone about 5 times a day and seeing each other several she really makes me laugh and happy I like talking to her.. I do alot for her I’m always there for her and it feels good helping her. Michele should just understand that. I’d have no problem if Michele and my e best mate were like this with eachother, it’s totally innocent I’d never hurt Michele. If only she just treated me better then I’d treat her the same way too. To be honest she’s just fuckin mad the fact she can’t even see any of this. She’s just bonkers I’ve always been a really decent honest guy to all my girlfriends and always upfront reliable upfront and good to them all. They’ve all treated me like crap then left me. I’m tired of it, now I’ve read an article saying I’m passive agressive what does that mean????

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