How to Create and Sustain Change with Difficult Couples

Deal more effectively with problem couples with High Impact Couples Therapy CD album by Dr. Ellyn Bader & Dr. Peter Pearson. Ellyn and Peter illustrate how to create a context for change that includes: illuminating the partners’ vision, changing the process for discussing highly charged issues, managing emotional reactivity, and resolving intrapsychic conflicts.

The result is a structure for your interventions, and your clients change faster, with less conflict and greater positive momentum. You’ll discover specific ways to get both partners aligned in the same collaborative outcome. As the leader, you will guide the therapeutic process to a more positive termination.

By the time you complete working through this resource, you will:

  • Learn how to start therapy before the couple arrives for the first interview.
  • Recognize and implement five essential elements in the first interview.
  • Incorporate vision setting as a mechanism to shift couples away from destructive/blaming cycles and into positive outcomes.
  • Learn to use therapist self definition as a leverage for change.
  • Develop new skills for managing extremely volatile partners.
  • Utilize Gestalt methods for quicker resolution of intrapsychic conflicts.

If you would like to see more couples in your practice—and you would like to be better equipped to handle even the most difficult couples—this is the resource you need.

Get your set today and start being more effective tomorrow!

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