“What Do You Do When…?”

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This past week I demonstrated how to use the Developmental Model to tackle tough impasses you will likely encounter. I hope you found my demonstrations helpful whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced couples therapist.

Thanks for your interest in this powerful and transformative work.

Access to this free workshop will be available until September 22 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

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13 responses to "WDYDW 2019"

  1. I really want to see the replay videos for people who couldn’t be there live. I can’t seem to find a way to see them. I saw the first. But can’t find the next 4. How can I see them before the 22nd deadline??

  2. Thank you!!! I so appreciated the depth of the training you offered. I'm not in a position to join the program (still in grad school!), but it gave me great insights that I will be able to incorporate into the work I am doing with couples and individuals in my internship.

  3. I really enjoyed this seminar. I was able to understand this process and utilize it with a couple of my clients over the weekend and was able to describe what occurred to my Supervises I am providing supervision for.

  4. Hi Ellyn
    Thank you so much for this week. I feel so grateful to be able to treat myself to an hour of training in the middle of my busy week. I love your work and your books. Having a structure to locate oneself in the intensity of a session is priceless. I especially love your emphasis on growing and trying to be an adult in relationships. Always the biggest challenge.

  5. I have appreciated the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into these webinars and the accompanying materials. I have worked as a counsellor and therapist for 20 years, and with couples for probably 15 years of that time. I have often felt my training has not equipped me well enough for the work with couples. I was present at a workshop on your model you did with Peter here in Australia several years ago which I found very interesting, but at that stage I don't think I was ready to understand where it sat within all of my other training and therefore to appreciate its significance for my work. All of the online materials that you have offered in the past few years have not only filled gaps in my knowledge and experience but have increased my confidence and my passion for couple work. so thank you for all of your contributions to those of us who want to work more effectively with couples – the most demanding and most privileged of work.

  6. I enrolled in the Couples Institute program two years ago and it has been a God-send for my clients. Many marriages on the brink of disaster have been resurrected because of the application of the theory, tools, strategies and tactics learned from the brilliance and hard work of Ellyn and Peter. They are gifts to those sincere in doing the difficult work of marriage rescue, reconciliation and healing. The small investment in the training will bring about great change in your work and the lives of those you are helping to create the sanctuary of what marriages are meant to be.

  7. Many thanks for this high quality, free programme, I'm not sure I can join you this year but I can see how valuable this training and community would be to my practice. Wonderful to watch you at work Ellyn. All good wishes to you and your team.

  8. Brenda-I hope you decide to join us this year while your enthusiasm and obvious dedication is high!
    And Rachel, I am sorry but there is no CE for this. Giving CE is actually quite expensive when you cover all degrees and each person. It's just not possible for a free program.

  9. This 5 day workshop experience was nothing short of phenomenal! Dr Ellyn Bader’s teaching style and delivery was so easy to follow. Nothing was lost as a result of that, she effortlessly maintained the full impact of the entire learning experience. I was blown away!

    While I am a Love and Relationship Coach, I also have a background in counselling, so I support people who are either single, or who one half of a couple who are struggling with their own personal issues in their pre-marital relationship.
    Seeing Dr Ellyn Bader in action with married couples really blew my mind!

    If you’re new to Ellyn and her amazing husband Pete, just like I am, I have every confidence that you’ll be blown away by this workshop series. I have no doubt their program for Couples Therapists will be highly transformative, not only for your clients, but for you as a Therapist, and as a person.

    My Heartfelt Gratitude to Ellyn and Peter for their outstanding training and for setting a stellar example for other Therapists to aspire to.

    Thank you!

    Gia Lili – Love and Relationship Coach


  10. This week has been amazing!. And i think one of the best gifts i got this week is this training. Super glad for all the new things learnt, to be an effective couples therapist. And the forthcoming training, is an investment for life. Thanks once again

  11. Thank you for the workshop training. You two have done years of pioneering work. I appreciate getting the benefit of your expertise in this very complicated thing called couples' work. I have developed some very unique and effective tools and approaches myself, but there is always something new to learn. I got a lot of great ideas and tips.

  12. Time well spent viewing the live webinars and reading the 2 transcripts for insights into WDYDW. And also an awesome follow-up to the developmental model orientation that I paid to attend online earlier this year in August 2019 with Ellyn and moderated by Juliet and Clinton with the Mind Body Training Institute in Australia. In preparation for when I budget for the year-long Level 1 Program, I've been gathering together resources (e.g., the Neutralize the Anger DVD and I/I Cards). After finishing the week, I'm seriously having a hard time not signing-up right away for the year-long program. Sleep on it and decide: Either way if not this year then next! In the meantime, the BLOG is a great weekly check-in for free and to keep in touch.

  13. I really enjoyed this live webinar and learned a great deal for working with couples. Do we get a CE certificate for this weeks webinar?

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