Learn from Dr. Ellyn Bader, a pioneer and leader in couples therapy training as she shares the secret for transformative couples therapy. In this free series, she reveals the powerful progress you can make by becoming an effective leader with your couples.

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If your tools and interventions aren’t working as well as you wish they would, read carefully, because this may be the most important message you read today.
The more I train couples therapists, the more I realize how many therapists miss the tremendous growth that’s available when they learn to be present, authentic, strong leaders with their clients.
It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you actively interrupt, direct, and structure your sessions, the more growth and satisfaction is waiting for your clients.

I call this therapeutic leadership, and I cannot overemphasize its importance.

Which is why, during this once a year free mini-series, I want to show you how to use yourself to drive lasting transformation.
Here’s what we’ll cover…
By joining us for this free series, you’ll help clients increase their developmental capacities, take risks, and build emotional muscle. I’ll show you how to do all this with your own personality and your own style. It doesn’t have to take years to learn. All it takes is a choice – a choice to join me and open yourself to new learning!
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The Courage to Lead: Challenging Regression, Narcissism, and Hostility
Starting January 23, 2023
You’ll get exclusive access to 4 articles and a LIVE webinar full of clinical examples and handouts you can use to guide your work.
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Tools for Challenging Regression, Narcissism, and Hostility
(January 27, 9 am – 10:30 am Pacific)

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The Courage to Lead: Challenging Regression, Narcissism, and Hostility
Starting January 23, 2023
4 Articles and a Clinical Webinar (with handouts!)

More about Dr. Ellyn Bader

Dr. Ellyn Bader is one of the early pioneers of couples therapy, as well as a recognized thought leader in relationship therapy worldwide. Through her informal research and thousands of sessions, Ellyn co-created “The Developmental Model,” a revolutionary approach that is highly adaptable to the complex needs of two people growing, changing, and staying connected in a relationship.

The model has deeply influenced the therapeutic world and is currently used in over 70 countries. It is taught by many graduate programs using her award-winning textbook In Quest of the Mythical Mate, which has been reprinted over 20 times.

Ellyn co-founded the Couples Instituter (1984) and co-authored Tell Me No Lies (2001) with her husband Dr. Peter Pearson, and the two have been a frequently trusted resource on Nightline, NPR, CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, O Magazine, Cosmopolitan and over 70 other media outlets.
She continues to evolve the field of couples therapy through her tireless commitment. She offers world-class training to thousands of therapists on applying The Developmental Model and becoming masterful at the art of couples therapy.


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Learn from a pioneer and leader in couples therapy training as she shares exactly what to say in difficult therapy sessions.
We respect your privacy.
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