How to Work More Effectively with Couples Online - Beginning your Sessions


I’ve been thinking about ways to support members of our community and I’ve come up with something I’ve never offered before. You’re invited to join me on June 26 for a LIVE case consultation training session with 2 cases.

These consultations happen once a month in my online training program, and are times when therapists connect AND learn specific strategies and practical solutions from the Developmental Model to apply to their couples.

I’m at my very best on these case consults, sharing everything I know about working with complex issues and how to assess, understand, and create effective treatment plans. I even share exactly what to say.

Until now, the ONLY way to join one of these sessions is as a member of our Developmental Model Training Community.

But for one time only, I’m letting you take a sneak peak behind the scenes and get the exact kind of training that I deliver to paid members of my training program.

There will be no replay so you must join me live to participate.

Invitation to Go Behind the Scenes in the Developmental Model Training