Hear the Toughest Couples Therapy
Questions Answered

Hear the Toughest Couples Therapy
Questions Answered

If you found your way to this page to further check out our recorded call "Vexing Problems in Couples Therapy: The Toughest Questions Answered," then you likely have some questions or issues about working with couples in your therapy practice.

And if you have those questions or issues – that’s good! It means that you are dedicated to your craft and to helping your couples in the best ways possible. Sometimes, surprisingly, we all tend to grow most effectively by embracing our anxieties.

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Who are we?

Pete and I have a long history working with couples – it will be 30 years this coming April that The Couples Institute celebrates that major milestone. And those 30 years have not been without moments of insecurity and indecision, mistakes made with couples, and hard thinking about why we should stay committed to this work.

We’re also married. So – we’ve worked together for all those years, and have been married for most of those years. We've had our share of our own personal relationship struggles and triumphs. But through the dark and the dawn we’ve been able to sharpen our professional innovations in couples therapy.

Through that we’ve helped many, many couples in therapy, developed a substantive online training program, and written two books. “Tell Me No Lies” helps a partner face the truth to build a loving marriage. “In Quest of the Mythical Mate” is a textbook for couples therapists that is now in its 16th printing and is still used in graduate classes.

How can we help you?

We love getting and answering the thorniest and most vexing questions about couples therapy. We’ve encountered our share of challenges, have managed those gracefully (and sometimes not so gracefully), and we want to help you in any way we can.

At the end of our day, it’s about eliminating unnecessary and premature divorces.

We’d like you to join us for a very candid, personal, free call with us. We’ve taken many frequently asked questions about couples therapy, and we turned them into turnkey insights you can use with any couple that walks into your office.

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How do I know for sure you can help me?

It’s a free call, so we can’t give you a money-back guarantee, but we’re 99.9% sure that you’ll learn something in this call. And we’re 99.5% sure that you’ll have at least one ‘a-ha’ moment.

Consider that Pete has seen about 30 hours of couples each week for over 25 years. He’s learned how to make couples work harder than he does. He’s learned how to make partners more accountable for their own changes.

So when you access this call, you can take advantage of those learnings for your own practice.

For example, are you rock solid comfortable when seeing a couple and one partner suddenly asks you if they should stay or leave? You will be, after this call.

Do you have a skillful response when one partner says in front of the other, “I love my partner but I am not in love anymore.” Learn how to handle this responsibility-dodging statement on this special Q&A call.

Or, do you have a confidentiality policy for individual sessions? How do you decide when to see partners individually and when not to take this risk?

We hope you’ll join us – if not just to get to know us a bit better and have a few laughs (Pete can be quite the ham).

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Comments About Our Training Programs

“A thousand thank-you’s for such a great course. Rich content, well presented. Fabulous references to other resources. Outstanding bonuses. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the creation of this program; really well done!” - Kathleen Hancox Izzo, CHT, Ogunquit, ME
“I am learning so much. I am so grateful to you and all who make this such a powerful learning experience. I now feel confident in working with the most difficult cases. The consultations are invaluable. I cannot thank you enough.” - Mary Jane Hooper, LMFT, Fort Worth, Texas
“Having a full year to work through all the lessons has been great. There is so much to learn. I have enjoyed the material and the way you present it in helpful handouts, and dialog with participants. Thank you for an intense, challenging course. I appreciate your dedication to quality teaching.” - Mary Onodera, LMFT, Sacramento, CA