Discover a breakthrough model for couples therapy that gives you a roadmap for change and ends imposter syndrome.
You’ll never again have to wonder what to do in your sessions!

Created by industry innovators, the Developmental Model gives you a roadmap for incisive change. And this training includes a community to support your work as a couples therapist.

Gain full confidence to address all scenarios instead of guessing and hoping you’re getting it right.

You can (and should) know for sure.

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Too many training courses give you only behavioral skills and leave you with band aids that don’t heal the deeper wounds or lead to sustained change.

Why not use a model that helps you become the confident leader and guide your couples are looking for?

A model that gives you x-ray vision to see what's really going on, and the skills to help your couples uncover the deep issues. With you as their guide, your couples can finally face and resolve years of damage and tension.

That’s how transformation takes root for your couples and for you. Understanding Couples Developmental Stages is absolutely essential for growing your skills as a therapist and putting you in the driver’s seat of your sessions. Helping your clients gain new developmental capacities is when transformation takes root, and lasts.
The Couples Institute opened in the “dark ages,” when couples therapy was considered inconsequential. Dr. Ellyn Bader was told she’d be better off marrying her boyfriend and being a stay-at-home wife than pursuing her conviction that couples therapy could be meaningful work. Later she was told she’d starve trying to specialize with couples, and she’d be stuck working nights and refereeing fights.
Dr. Ellyn Bader is now an industry pioneer, and thousands of therapists and couples are glad she didn’t listen to the naysayers. Through her work with couples, she discovered what was absolutely critical in improving relationships. Instead of focusing only on attachment and communication techniques, she realized the strength of relationships is actually in growing the individuals.

The secret is sitting in the tension. And it works, even in the most complex cases.

Humans are incredibly complex. Trying to navigate differences, remove flaws, and eliminate destructive habits within a relationship makes people feel stuck and like they’re just with the wrong person.
What we've discovered in over 30 years of clinical experience is that partners evolve at different rates. The problem is that inexperienced therapists often misdiagnose what's wrong, get frustrated with a partner that's not making progress quickly, and ultimately add fuel to the fire without even knowing they're doing it. This results in premature divorces and unnecessary pain for couples who wanted to give their relationship another chance, but didn't have the right guidance to truly try.
Once we shifted our focus to supporting differentiation and promoting individual growth, everything completely changed.
Instead of covering up unfavorable behaviors, partners started to build upon their strengths. They let down their guard and stopped hiding behind their defensive self protections. Even in hostile, avoidant, and passive aggressive situations – sitting in the tension was the catalyst to transformation.
Not only did the Developmental Model serve couples better, but it changed the way therapists approached their entire practice, their individual clients, and their personal lives. Our participants have reported that couples came to them to break up, and ended up on their second honeymoon instead.
Equally stunning, our members are seeing their therapy practices grow faster than ever!

An environment for mind-blowing transformation in less than a year, with “aha” moments starting immediately

How long does it take to learn our groundbreaking Developmental Model? It only takes a few weeks to learn and understand the basic stages of the model, but because it’s so robust, it can grow with you through the length of your career.
That being said, our students always say their first “aha” moment came during the very first call!
We’ve created an intentional, effective training program around the Developmental Model that is generous in resources and committed to excellence.

In 12 weeks or less you will have a completely different mindset when facing tough situations!

In 12 months, you’ll be rock steady confident because you’re surrounded by therapists who are all learning diagnostics, interventions, and solutions – that you can’t get in regular CE courses.
“This is one of the most comprehensive models for couples work that I have seen in action. It allows therapists to use the knowledge and training they already have, and gives them specific tools to create deep and lasting change. Therapists learn not to shy away from differences (culture, race, gender, religion) but to view partners as two unique individuals who can co-create a loving partnership that values what they each bring. Ellyn teaches you to cut right to the heart of relationship struggles with clarity and strong leadership.”
Esther Perel
Belgian Psychotherapist

Author of Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs

Three steps to recharge your therapy practice, and the couples that work with you


Understand the industry-inspiring Developmental Model over 3,000 therapists rely on


Receive a very targeted diagnostic assessment so you have a clear roadmap of where to begin


Replace your scrappy toolkit once and for all with the Developmental Model – an approach that brings clarity to each situation

Get immediate access to this high-touch,
comprehensive program when you join!

You’ll be introduced to a private, Members Only area with written lessons, hundreds of hours of case consultations, client handouts, roleplays, a vibrant community of like-minded therapists, and so much more.
Every fifteen days you will receive a written lesson that’s clear, practical, concise, and focuses on a particularly difficult situation. Through these written guides you will learn how to use the Developmental Model to address and solve specific problems such as:

The Hostile-Angry Couple

The Conflict Avoidant Couple

The Passive Aggressive Partner

The Narcissistic Partner

The Self-Absorbed Partner

The Silently Disengaged Partner

The Addicted Partner

Lies, Betrayal, Affairs, and Infidelity

You’ll discover nuggets of insight and directions that can be picked up at a moment’s notice so you have an extra boost of assurance before seeing your next client. You can immediately implement what you learn in this program. We make it easy!

24 lessons are strategically sequenced to build your skill and interventions.

You’ll learn about a wide range of topics including:

In the Members' Area you’ll be part of a thriving community with valuable interactive discussions. After each clinical call you can ask questions, address stuck places, and discuss how to move cases forward. We don’t shy away from difficult issues like:

How to help couples repair and reconnect after infidelity

How to handle sexual desire discrepancy

How to integrate individual sessions into your couples work

How to manage confidentiality

How to integrate couples therapy when one partner is in early addiction recovery

How to handle threats of violence
or divorce

Attachment theory, neuroscience, and differentiation are combined to give you a broad range of targeted solutions, instead of being pitted against each other.

I believe I can help you develop a confident understanding of what to do, when to do it, and why, so you can work with almost every couples. I know this is a tall order.

Here’s why I believe I can make such a promise.

I have done the work – so you don’t have to – by integrating recent findings in neuroscience,
attachment theory, and differentiation! This gives you a foundation to diagnose,
intervene, and significantly change troubled relationships.

“I am sooo loving this course! The differentiation part feels like finding water in the desert of attachment-based approaches for me.”

Nik van den Berg, Amsterdam, MSc

Attachment Theory

The quality of early life experiences profoundly affects couples' relationships. You’ll become skilled at assessing each partner’s primary attachment pattern and learn immediate applications to help couples develop secure attachment.

Differentiation Theory

Understanding this theory enables you to help couples manage their conflicts and differences with a foundation that will last them a lifetime. You will support the evolution of each partner, as well as the growth of the relationship.


One of the biggest breakthroughs in our profession is our recent knowledge that the mind can change the architecture of the brain. We teach cutting edge techniques and approaches to deal with early life trauma that is stored in the emotional brain and contributes to the pain couples inflict on each other. Changing their interpersonal process becomes much easier when you understand some neuroscience and can share it with your couples.

When integrated, these powerful pillars provide an unprecedented foundation so you can:

Help couples understand the underlying cause of relationship distress.

Apply practical techniques to get healing results.

Motivate unmotivated partners to take action.

Create progress so your couples don’t get discouraged and give up.

The training is the beginning. A community of like-minded therapists is the support you’ve been missing.

This program doesn’t leave you to struggle alone. You also get abundant help in every possible form…

Live clinical sessions

Client Handouts

Case consultations

Referral network

Weekly drop-in calls

Post your own gnarly clinical questions

36 CE Hours

And it doesn’t stop there! Join today and unlock...

Deep dives and demonstrations of specific techniques

Real client video sessions

Calls with guest experts like Dan Siegel, Esther Perel, Janis Spring, and Peter Pearson

Specialty training on topics like neurodiverse couples, addiction in couples therapy, infidelity repair

24/7 access to a supportive community of therapists

Live tech support

Who endorses The Developmental Model? The best of the best, and those who aspire to join them.

“The Developmental Model not only provides endless tools for couples treatment, it is approachable and intuitive. It's the best framework I know for therapists who are looking for answers to the big questions in couples therapy: where do I start, how do I structure treatment, and how do I inspire lasting progress?"
Diane Poole Heller, PhD
Author of The Power of Attachment and Healing Your Attachment Wounds
Creator of DARe - Dynamic Attachment Repatterning experience
“Ellyn Bader is a master therapist and a peerless trainer. My work with couples has been greatly enhanced by learning her Developmental Model.”
Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation.
"Ellyn is an outstanding thinker, writer, clinician, and trainer. I've known her for years and not only do I trust her knowledge and integrity, I find her wisdom and teaching style to be first rate. My students think so as well."
Stan Tatkin, PsyD, LMFT
Author of Wired for Love and We Do
“The Developmental Model is one of the most comprehensive models for couples work that I have seen in action. It allows therapists to use the knowledge and training they already have, and gives them specific tools to create deep and lasting change. Therapists learn not to shy away from differences (culture, race, gender, religion) but to view partners as two unique individuals who can co-create a loving partnership that values what they each bring. Ellyn teaches you to cut right to the heart of relationship struggles with clarity and strong leadership.”
Esther Perel
Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author Mating in Captivity and The State of Affairs

Receive These Bonuses When
You Join Before Saturday
July 6 at 11:59PM Pacific.


BONUS #1 You’ll receive a booklet with 21 of our most popular handouts. Your couples will love them too!

Ever wish you had a homework directory to choose targeted assignments to give couples to support your sessions? With this collection of 21 of our most popular handouts, you have focused ways to keep your couples motivated to work through issues outside of your sessions.
Our students have said these “amazingly useful” handouts have helped them and their couples stay on track, engaged, and encouraged.
“I’m so grateful for these handouts! They have not only provided material for clients that is coherent, robust and enabled their learning. They have given me a structure and support in developing my practice and allowed me to work in an engaging way.”
“I’m continually amazed at the wealth & breadth of the awesome content in this program!”
“There's a jackpot of content here!”

BONUS #2 Get off to a powerful start with a red carpet welcome!

VIP Onboarding is a one-to-one VIP experience with our program concierge, Ruth. She will roll out the red carpet for you and guide you through all of your new resources, so you can make the most of your investment and get off to a powerful start!

AND… if you enroll by January 29th at 11:59 Pacific Time, you’ll get THREE MORE BONUSES!

Join the Developmental Model Training Program before September 29 11:59pm Pacific and you’ll receive $1,110 in bonuses.


Obsessing After Infidelity

$89 Value! (90-Minute Training Webinar)
Obsessing about the details of an affair can become a crippling roadblock for a betrayed partner in therapy. In this short training, you’ll…

Included are 3 handouts: a transcript of the webinar, Deep Empathy: One Partner Suspects an Affair, the Other Denies It, and Guide to Working with Infidelity: Self-Assessment, Evaluation, and the Three Stages of Infidelity Treatment.


1 Free month $189 Value

One Month Free – it’s like adding $189 to your pocket!​


$150 Gift Certificate

$150 to spend in our online store any time throughout the length of your first year membership!


21 of Our Most Popular Client Handouts

As a bonus, you’ll receive 21 of our most popular PDF handouts. Your couples will love them too! Use these immediately to demonstrate new techniques, concepts, or ways of thinking without having to break open a textbook.

“I keep coming across a super helpful new handout that elicits a happy yelp of delight from within me, because I just know that it will shine light onto an insight or concept that I want to communicate to my client.”


Stepping Stones to Intimacy

Stepping Stones to Intimacy highlights the natural stages all couples go through, so you can make sense of why things feel the way they do right now. You’ll receive a PDF handout to give to your couples.


PATH to Success Calls

Do virtual conferences or courses leave you wanting more? We don’t leave you and your skills to chance. You’ll get 5 small group calls with a guide to ensure your success. These calls help you integrate what you’re learning, tell you what to try next, and provide opportunities for demo role plays (all in a time zone that works for you).

Extra Bonus #1:
One Month Free

$189 Value

Extra Bonus #2:
Tell Me No Lies book

Learn to confront lies effectively with
couples or individuals

Extra Bonus #3:
Stepping Stones to Intimacy

Normalize the natural stages all couples go through

These additional bonuses are ONLY available when you sign up BEFORE January 29th at 11:59 PST! After that, they’re gone for good.

1 Free month 
$189 Value
Tell Me No Lies 
book sent to your door
Stepping Stones to Intimacy 
Client Handout
VIP Onboarding 
a one-to-one VIP experience with our program concierge, Ruth.

About Ellyn

This Program is a Magnum Opus Created by one of the Leading Innovators in Couples Therapy, Dr. Ellyn Bader

Dr. Ellyn Bader is Co-Founder & Director of The Couples Institute and creator of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy with her husband, Dr. Peter Pearson. Dr. Bader is widely recognized as an expert in couples therapy training. She has trained therapists throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia/New Zealand.
Since 2006, Ellyn has led innovative couples therapy training programs. Professionals from around the world connect with her online for live training sessions and forums to study couples therapy. Therapists from 72 countries have taken her online training course.

Ellyn has co-authored two books. The first one, In Quest of the Mythical Mate, was awarded the Clark Vincent Award by the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists for its outstanding contribution to the field of marital therapy and has been reprinted more than 20 times. She has been featured on over 70 radio and television programs including The Today Show and CBS Early Morning News, and she has been quoted in The New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan and many more.

Sounds great, but what’s the data on the Developmental Model?

We’re glad you asked! The Developmental Model has an impressive track record that continues to grow. The statistics from our training community speak for themselves:

88% of therapists say they use it every week

96% say it gave them a roadmap for couples work

94% apply practical techniques to get healing results

95% say it also helps them with individual clients

95% say it’s easy to integrate with what they already know

Over 3,000 therapists in 72 countries have adopted The Developmental Model

Not only will you transform your practice, you’ll be part of something that is changing the world.

Developmental Model Trainees in 72 Countries Worldwide

The Developmental Model is the foundational training you can build on for your whole career.

This can be your launch pad to:

  • leading intensives
  • becoming a trainer, speaker, or consultant
  • writing a book
  • leading couples retreats and workshops

This can be your launch pad to:

  • leading intensives
  • becoming a trainer, speaker, or consultant
  • writing a book
  • leading couples retreats and workshops

This can be your launch pad to:

  • leading intensives
  • becoming a trainer, speaker, or consultant
  • writing a book
  • leading couples retreats and workshops

Run, don't walk, while it's less than $6 a day!

Over 3,000 therapists have come to trust the Developmental Model training program to elevate their practice and create breakthroughs time and time again with their couples.

You get everything on this page for about $6 a day.

Are you ready to say goodbye to confusion, burnout, and stalled sessions in exchange for sessions that reinvigorate you and your couples?! Enrollment is open – jump in NOW!
There are two ways to enroll. Choose one of the boxes on the right.

11 Monthly Payments


You first month is free! ($189 Value)


$1809 $1,997

How do I know if the Developmental Model is right for me?

This community is for you if you want to…

We have all the answers. We know that’s a bold promise.
See what our students and advanced therapists have to say…

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“My mind gets blown away every freakin’ time! I love the depth of material that’s available. It’s like couples therapy Wikipedia. And a community with couples therapists like this is hard to come by. They understand the challenges, so feedback and support from very skilled therapists is helpful. The theory itself gives you a hold to do underlying deeper work for couples. It just keeps adding!”
Julie Peaslee, CMHC
Salt Lake City, Utah
“I found myself getting overwhelmed by the tension in the room. Once I learned the value of conflict and how to navigate it, it was a massive game changer. In this program, you’re held, supported, and seen at any level. No one is left behind. I started thinking differently with couples and individuals right away. Now, I feel confident charging much better rates and have a waitlist. Every door in this program is full of gold.”
Nicole McLeod, MA
North Vancouver, Canada
“I wish I would have come out of school and done this. Within 2-3 of the lessons I had tools I could use right away. I can’t imagine ever tapping out of this program and I can’t imagine therapists getting anything better for your money than what’s in this training. You’ll get so much out of this.”
Noelle Cochran, PsyD
San Francisco, California
“I was frustrated to see how attachment and differentiation models were often pitted against each other. Then I found this, and I knew I wanted to commit to being trained in The Developmental Model. I feel refueled as I continue to engage in the lessons, the blogs, the calls and with my peers.”
Meg Luce, LMFT
Grass Valley, California
“I am sooo loving this course! The differentiation part feels like finding water in the desert of attachment-based approaches for me.”
Nik van den Berg
Amsterdam, MSc
“Since starting this course the one thing that has resonated in my clinical work is feeling that I have structure. I believe this relates to the couple clarifying their goals for working with me. I'm excited to help couples put into words their desire for a better life together and for ongoing growth. Thank you.”
Sharon James, Counselor and Relationship Therapist
Maroubra, NSW

FAQs about the Developmental Model Training Program

How much time do I need to spend in the program?
To get the most out of your investment, we recommend spending 5-6 hours per month, whether it’s attending live calls, posting your case and getting feedback, reading the lessons, or diving deeper into a topic found in the bonus calls or special training calls. There’s unlimited value for you to use however you choose!
How is the training program structured?
The Developmental Model program is the most personalized and in-depth training available. With live, interactive calls with advanced trainers, bonus calls, special guest calls, messaging forums with your peers, and our vast library of updated resources, you have everything at your fingertips. Our students say this training comes with “a Search Tool Better Than Google” because of the specific and vast resources available instantly. You can type your question or keyword into the search box and pull up case studies, consultations, lessons, discussions, and solutions for anything you need help with in seconds. And with ongoing live support, you’re never left to figure things out on your own.
What’s the cost?

Less than $6 a day! You can subscribe to this program for $189/month for 11 months (First month free) OR make one annual payment of $1,809 (a $460 savings!)

How does it work if I live outside the US?
This is not a program you navigate alone. No matter where you live, you are included and supported. We tailor our live calls to accommodate most time zones and every call is available with a replay. Because we serve therapists all over the world, this program works wherever you practice. With access to messaging forums, live interactive calls, replays, reading material, and more, you will see how personal this program really is.
What’s in the lessons?
Our lessons are tailored to give you clear solutions to the biggest problems your couples face. This includes challenges like infidelity, passive aggressive or narcissistic partners, conflict avoidance, addiction and substance abuse, hostile fighting couples – truly anything you can think of. Each lesson solves the problems of “What do I say when…?” and gives you the best ways to structure a treatment program from start to finish. Often therapists can get lost or stuck navigating these issues and default to solving the wrong, smaller problems, leading to burnout or playing whack-a-mole with the problem of the week. With our approach, you can build motivation with your couples so they work harder than you do and you can even relax in your practice because you’re always prepared.
What credentials do I need to enroll?
The only criteria to enroll is a desire to work with couples. This program is appropriate and beneficial for licensed therapists, coaches, clergy, mediators, and interns.
When does the program start?

The program starts about 4 minutes after you enroll! Once you join, you can immediately log into the site and find answers to your questions. Our students say our search tool is better than Google, so you can find answers to implement in your own practice right off the bat. We will have a limited opening June 28 – July 6, 2024 so don’t wait too long to join. If you aren’t able to join this month, be sure to get on the waiting list and we’ll notify you of future enrollment opportunities.

How many CE credits can I get?
Most licenses receive 36 CE hours. Click here to read the course objectives, accreditation, and other information before registering.
Can the Developmental Model be used with individuals?
Because the Developmental Model focuses on relationship challenges and enables individuals to face their own contributions to relationship stress, it provides clarity and direction for individual therapy sessions as well. Some of our students have said the Model helps them assume the leadership role as a therapist, gives individuals tools to navigate their couple and family relationships, and reduces their own stress too. While it’s taught with couples in mind, we’ve received insurmountable evidence and feedback that it’s great for individual therapy, too.
What guarantee do I get?

Because we've offered this very special discount since you enrolled in the Change that Lasts course, there are no refunds to the monthly option because the 1st month is free.

If after 30-days you aren't finding the value you were expecting, email and you can cancel the balance of your 11 monthly payments.

If you pay for the year in full, simply email within 30 days and she will refund you payment in full.

When are the live calls?

Live 90-minute training calls usually happen on Mondays or Fridays between 9 am to 1 pm Pacific. That is in response to surveys we take regularly to find out members' preferred days and times.

We survey all members whenever new groups begin. All calls are recorded so even if you miss the live calls, you will have access to video & audio recordings.

We've also added a Thursday 9am or 1pm Pacific Drop-In call once per week that works well for people in various time zones. These calls are designed to further support your learning, Q&A, and give you the opportunity to connect with other members.

Here are a few of the upcoming live orientation and clinical calls:

  • July 1 (Monday), 11am-12:30pm Pacific – Clinical Call (Recommended)
  • July 19 (Friday), 11am – 12:30pm Pacific – Orientation Call (Recommended)
  • Aug 5  (Friday), 11am – 12:30pm Pacific – Clinical Call (Recommended)
  • Sept 6 (Friday), 11am – 12:30pm Pacific – Clinical Call (Recommended)

Optional Thursday Weekly Drop-In Calls:

  • July 11, 1pm-2pm Pacific
  • July 18, 1pm-2pm Pacific
  • July 25, 9am-10am Pacific
  • Aug 1, 9am-10am Pacific 
  • Aug 8, 1pm-2pm Pacific

What You Receive In The Developmental Model Training Program

Value Per


12 Live Training Sessions & 8 Special Training Sessions



8 Live Bonus Training Calls (Including 100+ Archived Bonus Calls with Guest Experts like Dan Siegel, Esther Perel and others!)



8 Videos of Real Client Sessions by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson



100+ Archived Clinical Training Calls and 39 Special Training Sessions with Dr. Ellyn Bader



32 Client Handouts to Support Your In-Session Work



Being part of a Supportive Therapist Community



Investing in your Professional and Personal Growth


Even More Priceless!

Value of the Program



Total cost of The Developmental Model Training Program with Dr. Ellyn Bader


$189 a month OR one payment of $1809 (save $460)

Iron Clad Guarantee - Zero Risk to You:

We know that the Developmental Model works. What we don’t know is whether you’ll put this to work for you. That’s why we don’t think you should have to pay for it until you’ve tried, tested, and proven to yourself that it can work for you.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee promises 100% satisfaction. If you sign up for the monthly plan your first month is already free, so you will have 30 days before your first payment.

If you sign up for the full payment for the year (a $460 savings over the monthly plan) you have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you.  

Simply email within 30 days to either:

  • Cancel your 11 remaining monthly payments
  • Get a full refund for your annual payment

You can accomplish all this before 30 days:

Hear from more of your colleagues...

“The model has enhanced my practice and given me the confidence and structure I needed to work with couples. I love the Developmental Model and the attachment frame. Because of this training, couples are who I like working with best – even the very challenging ones. I also specialize in co-parenting therapy with divorced couples, mediation, and other forensic work. This model is so valuable in working with this population also. Thank you for this incredible program!”
Shannon Seeley, LCSW
Soquel, California
“This course has blown me away! It is so rich and generous and has definitely improved my thinking and practice with both individuals and couples. It has also helped me in my own marriage. The differentiation piece has been invaluable in my work with parents with teens and in my own parenting of my teenager.”
Vickie Vann, LCSW
San Francisco, California
“I choked over the price when I first considered taking the Couples Therapy training course and now I consider it invaluable. This has been the best investment in growth that I have ever made. As a result of your mentoring I see my clients through different eyes and the joy of learning is tangible on my part and on theirs.”
Janet Congo, MFT
Coto de Caza, California
“The training has given me both a theory and specific tools to guide a couple through conflict, have both partners take accountability for their behavior and role, and not get sucked into the couple conflict myself. I started the training program six months ago, and already notice a difference in my ability to lead and effectively confront negative couple interactions. Ellyn provides numerous options for learning the content – reading, supervision, online conversations, listening to past supervision sessions and is deeply invested in improving the quality of the field of couples therapy.”
Jeremiah Gibson, LMFT
Quincy, Massachusetts
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Martha used to become confused in sessions because sexual issues are so complex and difficult for clients to discuss, but now she can hold the focus on one thing at a time and really make a difference for them.

Martha Kauppi, LMFT, ACST Madison, WI

Challenging Couples, Community, Clinical Improvement

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When Janae first started training, her work was primarily with individuals. Now she is able to work at a new level with individuals and see more couples, too. She’s learned a whole new language she can use with all of her clients.

Janae Munday, LCSW Phoenix, AZ

Individuals, Tools/Framework, Clinical Improvement

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Glen is an experienced therapist and the President of Well Marriage Center in Fairfax. When Glen learned about the Developmental Model he signed up for the training program and soon realized that he wanted all of his associates to take the training. As a result Glen has noticed improvements for clients, and also richer exchanges in staff meetings.

Glen Denlinger, LCSW, BCD President & Clinical Director of Well Marriage Center. Fairfax, VA

New Therapists, Experienced Therapists, Training, Associates, Confidence

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Tammy joined training as a relatively new therapist and it has made a big difference in her personal life as well as her professional life. She values the community, has increased her confidence in working with couples, and is now having to decide what to do with more clients than she can see.

Tammy Van Hinte, MA, RCC Victoria BC

Community, Personal, New Therapist, Full Practice

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Tom says the Developmental Model translates well for working with queer couples because it’s really about how to be an individual inside a relationship, whatever the relationship structure looks like. And he especially appreciates the supportive community.

Tom Bruett, MS, LMFT Denver, CO

Diversity, Community, Clinical Improvement

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Alexa was very grateful she took the training and learned the material when she did, but it wasn’t until she started working with it that something shifted inside and she really saw what differentiation was, how it functioned, and how it strengthened relationships. She’s had especially complex cases during the pandemic, and she couldn’t have done the work as well without the training. “I am forever grateful for what you and Pete put into this.”

Alexa Elkington, MFT Las Vegas, NV

Remote Work, Complicated Cases, Clinical Improvement

Get your roadmap for couples therapy right now