“What Do You Say When...?”

Free 9-part Mini-Workshop

We used the developmental model to tackle your toughest moments.

Thanks to all who participated and left comments. We appreciate your involvement.

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  • Wdysw 2018
  • Success
    Rate Aug 13Article

  • Rehash
    a Fight Aug 14Article

  • Outrageous
    on You Aug 15Article

  • Brutal Attacks
    on Partner Aug 16Article

  • Provocative
    Text Messages Aug 1712pm
    Live Webinar

  • Broken
    Agreements Aug 19Video

  • Quitting
    Therapy & Marriage Aug 20Article

  • Lies to
    You & SpouseAug 21Article

  • Your Tough
    MomentsAug 236pm
    Live Webinar