Enjoy building your confidence and skills working with sexual issues.

Not Tonight, Dear: Helping Clients Transform Differences
in Sexual Desire

Martha Kauppi reveals:

  • How an improvisational sexual style and differentiation of self go together...and how the intersection of those solve a host of sexual challenges.
  • How working on sexual issues can help your clients build differentiation.
  • The differences between spontaneous and responsive desire, and how to help your couples understand the difference.

You’ll also hear about…

  • The mischief caused by garden-variety consent violations.
  • Why “birthday sex” is a flawed construct.
  • The sensitive and effective way to discuss erectile problems.
  • The surprising reason why you don’t often need to do an in-depth sex history, and the few times you do.

We covered a lot of ground in this webinar, and we hope that you will feel energized and ready to bring what you learn back to your clients.

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