HERE’S The Developmental Model Starter SERIES

For both new and experienced couples therapists

You are about to begin a journey and learn from a breakthrough approach to working with couples – even the most challenging couples troubled by trauma, addiction, or infidelity.

Over the years, many therapists have reported that their work with couples and individuals in relationships was completely revolutionized when they began applying the techniques we are about to teach you.

And on many occasions, we have even heard how therapists have applied this transformational method to their own lives and completely changed their own marriages!

Overview of the Developmental Model

Stepping Stones To Intimacy: A Positive Outlook on Problems All Couples Face

Nuts and Bolts of Initial Interview in Couples Therapy

How to Get the Most From Your Couples Therapy Handout

Understanding the Difference Between Differentiation and Individuation

4 Common Mistakes Therapists Make

Even after 40 years in practice, Madge feels this training enabled her to feel more confident with couples, eventually charging more and having a waiting list.

“This training was well worth the time, energy, and expense. Every lesson opened up my clinical insights and skills. I have been in practice nearly 40 years and still devoured the materials like a young and eager college student. Frankly, I consider Ellyn to be a genius and at the top of her game. Her lessons are precise and masterful and spot on. Her mastery of the craft is breathtaking. She is wise and exact and her talent cannot be underestimated. EVERYONE should jump to study under her. She is one in a million.
The handouts are very useful and my couples were appreciative ….

MADGE FLYNN, LCSW, PhD – Fayetteville, NY

Full Practice/Waiting List, Clinical Improvement, Community, Investment

Considering the depth of clinical training, tools, and consultations on the clinical calls with Ellyn, Nathan says it's been one of the best investments of his personal development and professional career.

“Ellyn's training is simply fantastic! From the beginning, I felt her sincere investment in my growth and….
NATHAN HARDY, PhD, LMFT – Stillwater, OK
Clinical Improvement, Investment, Community

Shobha felt 400% more confident in her couples work within the first week, thanks to the first training call, lessons, and handouts provided.

“It's been less than a week, and with the first training call, the lessons, these handouts, and having….
SHOBHA RANGANATH, Holistic IFS Couples Coach, Empowered Wellbeing IFS Coaching – Berkeley, CA
Clinical Improvement, Investment, Community

Nicole appreciates the masterful skill that Ellyn brings to the cases presented by therapists. Ellyn does the consults in such a supportive way, asking really great questions and making it so easy to learn from her.

The thing I like about watching Ellyn work with case consults is her masterful skill set to support the therapist presenting in a way that makes the audience want to take that huge risk and present themselves! Ellyn is so supportive for the presenting therapist, seeing strengths, validating a challenging case. I remember one time watching a case and thinking to myself, ‘oh wow would I ever be stuck here,’ and then Ellyn said, ‘this case would be challenging to the most seasoned therapist.’ Ellyn also asks really great questions, she is crystal clear about what she is doing and anchors it well to the Developmental…….
NICOLE MAIER, RN, MA, RCC, CCC – West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Clinical Improvement, Case Consultations

Kira feels like she's much more able to help her individual clients in a relationship with the effective interventions she's learned from Ellyn and the training program.

“I am currently only seeing individuals. This course has elevated my practice in ways I had not anticipated.
I have used many of the interventions which came up in lessons and calls in individual sessions, and I feel so much more able to help clients with their relationships. Listening to you, Ellyn, role play and demonstrate techniques was probably the most helpful part of the course. You reminded me every week to slow down, rewind, go back. You've also shown me how to effectively step back and look at the big picture of what is going on with my clients and address the patterns and processes rather than the situations….
KIRA LYNNE, BA, RPC, CCPCPR – Vancouver, BC Canada
Individuals, Clinical Improvement
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