By the time you’ve finished working with the In Quest of the Mythical Mate CD program, it, you’ll be well versed in the Developmental Model of couples therapy.

To give you a better understanding of everything you’ll learn, please review the content breakdown on the CDs:

Disc 1 – A Practical and Non-Pathological Model for Couples Therapy
Simplify the complex process of couples therapy with this breakthrough model. This structure gives you a way to rapidly understand patterns of interaction and reveal the emotional consequences of these patterns. You will learn to diagnose, assess, and intervene with couples in targeted and precise ways. You’ll also learn how to recognize the parallels between couples’ relationships and early childhood development, setting the stage for healthy evolution in the relationship.

Disc 2 – The Symbiotic Stages of Couples’ Development
Learn to recognize the two types of entrenched symbiotic couples. Work effectively with 1) conflict avoidant/peace-at-any-price couples and 2) the hostile-dependent couple, who rapidly escalate hostility.

Disc 3 – Characteristics of 6 Other Stages of Relationships
There are six other stages relationships go through, each offering its own treatment challenges. On this disc, you will discover the characteristics of each type—so you can recognize them, and rapidly design relevant and effective treatment plans.

Disc 4 – Diagnosis and Assessment
Learn a quick way to diagnose six major problems in handling anger, negotiation, and differentiation. You can actually do this in five minutes. Really. Ellyn and Peter also give you a take home diagnostic questionnaire for your couples to collect essential information, while saving precious time in the session! Having theoretical confidence in your assessment makes you a more confident therapist–especially with the tough cases.

Disc 5 – Getting off to a Powerful Start
Find out the secrets to starting therapy off right, from the very first session, starting even with the initial phone call. You immediately stop the sessions from deteriorating into chaos and finger pointing, and begin the process of exploring and solving the issues in a way that serves both parties. These interventions will pay dividends through the duration of your therapy.

Disc 6 – Disrupting Symbiosis
Learn why it is necessary to disrupt symbiosis and how you do this. You will discover how to recognize common, crippling symbiotic expectations, and know what to do about them.

Disc 7- Facilitating Differentiation
You will learn what differentiation is, four ways to increase a partner's differentiation, and why differentiation is necessary to keep a relationship alive and intimate. You will discover how to use the Bader/Pearson Initiator-Inquirer Process for constructive communication and how to utilize differentiation-based interventions to contain emotional reactivity.

Disc 8 – Treatment of the Hostile-Dependent Couple
In this powerful segment, you'll learn how to shift conflict habituated couples. You'll find out how to use the simple “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” cards to lower hostility and open communication. You'll also discover how to uncover the vulnerability underneath their angry, regressed defenses—where real progress is made!

Disc 9 – Advanced Strategies for the Initiator-Inquirer Process
This breakthrough process is now used successfully worldwide, and has helped countless therapists succeed with their most difficult couples. You will be able to distinguish when to contain conflict, when to increase tension, and when to use empathy-based interventions vs. when to use differentiation-based ones.

Disc 10 – Advanced Communication Strategies
Learn how to help couples effectively communicate on their most sensitive topics. This process goes way beyond conventional communication techniques, developing emotional resilience that makes it possible for your couples to discuss even the most stressful issues. The couple gets at the heart of the problem while simultaneously discussing it in a constructive and productive manner.

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“I am already seeing results in working with couples, and I can see how valuable it is to be able to listen to the CDs over and over again.” ~Jill Shugart, MFT, Berkeley, CA

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