Peter Pearson, Ph.D., and Ellyn Bader, Ph.D.

The Couples Institute
Master Mentoring Program

Grow your business, overcome your
personal blocks, and bring your vision to life.

Grow professionally and personally.

We are offering you a unique way to grow professionally and personally beyond what you might currently imagine or hope is possible.

Our hard won insights and successes led us to develop a one-of-a-kind training and mentoring program that jet-propels your professional success and personal development.

This is the only program we know about that integrates all three major components of success:

  1. Increased Clinical Expertise
  2. Business Proficiency
  3. Personal Growth

Let’s dive a little more into each.

Clinical expertise.

You will master vital clinical skills with difficult couples that most therapists want to refer in order to preserve their sanity. Learn how to work with these clients and you are like the battlefield surgeon who doesn’t get rattled because you get the skills and temperament to handle whatever comes your way.

"I gained so much confidence through the year and momentum to move forward."

Sue Diamond Potts, RCC
Vancouver, B.C.

“What a great feeling!! Whenever, I try to change things up and it works, I get so very excited!  It's like finding a treasure after searching for the key.”

Janae Munday, LCSW
Phoenix, AZ

Personal growth.

Everybody has one or more persistent voices of fear, doubt, uncertainty, or unworthiness that are misguided attempts at self-protection. In this mentoring group we will help you deal directly with your personal blocks. Your creativity, resourcefulness and self-confidence will increase by leaps and bounds.

“It’s the place where people can be raw, real, differentiated and supported. The place where people can soar and stumble. And when you do, loving and supportive faces will be beaming back at you. I have the reins of my own life. I went from having a poverty mindset working in a group private practice based solely on managed care payments making a meager income, to owning my own practice accepting only private pay. My sessions are full with private pay clients and I have a waiting list. I got rid of my dead laptop and dead car. My personal and financial growth was exponential."

Kelly Scharver, LPC
Virginia Beach, VA

"I’m probably as personally and professionally happy as I’ve been in recent memory."

Paul McCandless, MFT
Fullerton, CA

Business proficiency.

You want to reach further and help more people. You want to have more impact in the world. You have a desire to teach, write, train, speak or consult and these desires are pressing to be fulfilled. You don’t want a life hoping you will get enough referrals and that clients will find you and your website. You may even want to create your own institute and leverage your income. You’ll get the business and marketing skills to bring your voice and talents to a larger audience.

"I have had a personal transformation...I can do things that I could never have imagined."

Martha Kauppi, MFT
Madison, WI

"My work has transformed this year and my confidence has increased a lot."

Nancy St. John, H.Dip. Counseling
Tullamore, Ireland

"I have developed really close friends and colleagues through this group."

Paula Dennan, MSocSc, Dip Psych(Clin)
Auckland, New Zealand

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ready for a year of profound personal and professional growth
  • Not afraid to strive for your ideal clinical practice
  • Not afraid of the change that comes with business and personal growth
  • Ready to push for more clinical competence with couples
  • Willing to learn about marketing
  • Willing to be part of a very sharing community that will support you and that you will also support

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • Are satisfied with your career and the size and impact of your business
  • Just want a few email marketing strategies and operations insights to help your business
  • Aren’t inclined to share and open up to others in a safe setting
  • Are primarily working with individuals and are not very interested in couples therapy

Here’s what you’ll get out of the program.

Any successful mastermind or high-performing group involves a balance between what is offered by the leaders and what is expected from participants. Valuable leadership, knowledge and resources are offered while input, feedback and accountability are expected.

We provide a formal, structured curriculum that teaches proven, cutting-edge strategies for your clinical, personal and business growth inside of a nurturing, motivating and inspiring series of live meetings and phone calls. You’ll get productive and consistent feedback from us as well as from the other group members.

The group is limited to 10 new members each year. These new members will be in a community with a limited number of returning members who will give support and feedback to the group with their experience. These returning members come back for the close community support and to continue to develop their opportunities in their chosen paths.


Three two-day meetings held in Menlo Park, California. The focus of these meetings will be a mixture of clinical, business and personal development. The first meeting is in January.

Conference calls

Two per month during the nine months that we don’t meet in person in Menlo Park. For each of those nine months, there will be one personal/clinical call and one business-building call. We will have a welcome call in December and the first live meeting in January.

A stand-out curriculum including:

  • Business leverage: what that looks like and what it means for you
  • Business building skills for your practice
  • Website strategy: building and fine-tuning your website
  • Email marketing
  • Conducting professional training
  • Developing workshops
  • Hiring support
  • Business systems and tools

Here’s what you need to be prepared to give:

  • Your focus for one year
  • Willingness to gain insight into barriers blocking your success
  • Collaboration, not competition: This is a supportive community where you support others and they support you

And here are the invaluable career resources you’ll have at your fingertips upon joining the group:

  • Free access to Ellyn’s year-long Developmental Model of Couples Therapy online training program
  • Free access to Ellyn’s online Advanced Training program
  • Complimentary registration at the Couples Conference, if you choose to attend
  • When you are ready, you will have full use of Ellyn’s training curriculum to run Developmental Model first-year training/consultation groups or workshops for therapists in your community
  • Full use of Pete’s weekend couples workshop materials and exercises, which you can use as a “workshop in a box” or modify to fit your situation
  • A website analysis from our webmaster
  • A review of your business operation efforts from our COO

"To get to work personally in a small setting with Ellyn and Pete is phenomenal."

Alexa S. Elkington, M.A., MFT
Las Vegas, NV

Who are we?

We’re Drs. Peter Pearson and Ellyn Bader. For 33 years, as marriage partners and as marriage and family therapists, we’ve been on a mission to stop unnecessary and premature divorces that wreck couples and families. We operate a successful couples therapy practice with Associate Therapists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and we’ve trained a few thousand committed, exceptional couples therapists worldwide through three levels of our Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

What does the Master Mentoring Program cost?

The cost of the program is $18,000 paid in 12 amounts of $1500 each, or you can make one upfront payment of $15,000 in January.

Take the next step now.

What’s required for a few intrepid souls to join our unique Mentoring Program? A crazy level of commitment. This is not a program for casual dabbling. When was the last time you heard of getting outstanding results while giving minimal efforts?

to let us know that you’d like to talk directly about your participation in this one-of-a-kind program that can exponentially elevate your business and personal opportunities.

"It’s been an edifying experience personally, professionally and as an entrepreneur."

Deborah Hecker, Ph.D.
Boca Raton, FL