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How to Work More Effectively with Couples Online Thank You – FB

How to Work More Effectively with Couples Online.


We discussed:

  • Assessing and then getting started with a new couple
  • Managing couples’ volatility
  • Using experiential methods like Gestalt 2-chair work, the Paper Exercise, and others
  • Helping the quality of contact feel more intimate on screen
  • Interrupting a client when they’re fighting and not listening to you
  • Dealing with feeling overwhelmed when trying to learn new telehealth skills
  • Finding opportunities to go deeper with clients and pick up on subtle emotional cues

Below are the additional resources mentioned on the call.

We offer these handouts recognizing that each professional works in their own unique way. We invite you to use these sample letters and scripts as working documents.

You can edit them to create your own scripts and letters that reflect you, how you work and what you want potential clients to know.

If you choose to use the Couples Diagnostic Questionnaire, please leave The Couples Institute copyright intact and learn more about how to use it.

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