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You'll receive:

  • Initiating Calm Discussions: A downloadable e-book that you and your partner can use to improve challenging discussions. And a six-step exercise that prepares you to bring up even the most sensitive topic.
  • Rapid Relationship Repair: Discover how to quickly repair your relationship and get back on track after a huge fight with this one-hour audio and PDF transcript with Pete and Ellyn.
  • Overworked and Underappreciated at Home – and What To Do About It: In this 60-minute audio you'll discover how to work again at being a couple TEAM, while making your friends wonder “how do they do it?”
  • Preparing for the Holidays: A one-hour audio recording and PDF handout that includes topics on in-laws, parties, religion, and gifts. All of these subjects can create more conflict. Use this training call to finally get some relief around these divisive issues – and make your relationship stronger!
  • Avoiding Holiday Conflicts: A 40-minute audio recording with Pete and Ellyn that helps you and your partner reduce holiday stress. The holidays are a mini-inferno and ticking time bomb waiting to go off. In this audio recording you'll learn how to manage everything better together. Life is jam packed in the upcoming 6 weeks of holidays, and issues like budget, time together, time apart, family, in-laws, kids, values, and religion can make things tricky. Discover how you can strengthen and build your skills as a couple – instead of imploding as a couple.

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