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3 downloadable resources on 3 of the most challenging types of couples


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You'll receive:

  • Creating Intensity with Conflict Avoidant Couples, 60-minute audio with PDF transcript of the training
    In a one hour session Pete and Ellyn discuss how to work with the entrenched systems of conflict-avoidant couples.
    Specifically, Pete and Ellyn highlight:

    • Diagnosing two distinct types of conflict avoidant couples
    • Creating a collaborative treatment plan
    • Five goals to direct your treatment interventions
    • Specific strategies for disrupting symbiosis
    • How to increase partners’ tolerance for emotional intensity
    • Why negotiation is so unsettling for these couples
  • Breakthroughs with the Passive Aggressive Spouse, audio 90-minute audio
    This 90-minute downloadable audio and transcript features Dr. Peter Pearson’s work with Passive Aggressive partners. Discover how to help Passive Aggressive couples identify and set personal and relationship goals – an almost impossible feat for most therapists with this population, until now!
  • The Hostile Angry Couple, 2 60-minute audios and 61-page downloadable PDF book
    If you feel intimidated working with this type of couple, this might be the resource you’ve been waiting for. Includes two one-hour training audios and a 61-page pdf ebook with written transcripts of the seminars, the Powerpoint slides from the presentation, and client handouts for use with your hostile-angry couples.

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