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Transform Chaotic Couples into Cooperative Teams

Do hostile angry couples leave you drained and dreading each session? Learn techniques to stay grounded and facilitate real change.

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Hostile couples have an unrealistic expectation that if they show up, you’ll “make it all better” – and in short order. If sessions leave you feeling anxious or flooded, you're not alone.

Would you like to feel more confident with fighting couples? Check out our biggest sale of the year… For 6 days only  – until Monday, November 27, at 11:59pm Pacific – you get 3 training sessions, transcripts, and client handouts that will help you whether you’re just getting started or have been a therapist for years.

You'll learn how to:

  • Avoid getting hooked into an unproductive “rescuer” role
  • Slow things down and address root causes beneath the anger
  • Challenge unhealthy dynamics with empathy and care
  • Inspire openness, insight, and new perspective

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The hostile angry couple requires more from you as a therapist. Their system is a difficult one to navigate as there is so much entanglement on both sides.

So we created this limited time holiday sale to equip you with the skills to:

  • Stay calm and centered, even when tensions are high
  • Recognize unhealthy patterns
  • Provide effective structure
  • Elicit vulnerability and empathy between partners
  • Facilitate real change through compassionate confrontation

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#1: The Big Picture: How to Stop the Fighting and Restart the Loving, with Pete Pearson (90-minute video)

Learn to shift the focus from “my partner is the problem” to “we can build a better relationship together.” Get the guide to help couples gain motivation to collaborate, envision their future, and take ownership of change.

You'll discover:

Bonus! You’ll also get Rethinking First Sessions (90-minute audio and summary) that gives you a plan to take charge of initial sessions, avoid blame games, and build empathy and self-reflection right away. You’ll get the exact questions and email templates to use before couples even come in – to get off to a powerful start.

#2: The Missing Link: When Couples Therapy Grinds to a Halt,
with Pete Pearson (90-minute video)

Have you ever hit a plateau when working with distressed couples? In this 90-minute recorded webinar with Dr. Pete Pearson, you will discover…
This is also a rare opportunity to learn directly from the robust Q&A session with Pete at the end of the webinar. He shares his innovative methods for getting couples unstuck as therapists asked real questions about real cases.

#3: Ending Chaos, Mayhem, and Verbal Violence, with Pete Pearson
(60-minute audio + transcript)

Take charge and facilitate breakthroughs with angry couples. You’ll learn to:
With techniques to smooth interactions, you'll become the anchor hostile couples need. This training shows you how to:

The Hostile Angry Couple is an invaluable collection at over 60% off today

Unlock a complete library of BONUS handouts and resources

Handouts Include:

Resources Include:

The videos and bonuses ensure you have everything needed to support couples in taking control of their own growth. Invest in your success and unlock a complete library of resources to accelerate change and renewal in fighting couples – today!

About Pete

Dr. Peter Pearson is a thought leader and relationship expert. Having spent decades as a couples therapist, informal researcher, and experimenter, Pete is uniquely skilled at navigating the complexities and challenges couples face in their lives and relationships – as he has also worked alongside his wife, Dr. Ellyn Bader, for 36 years.

The duo are considered innovators in couples therapy. They co-created The Developmental Model – a revolutionary approach that is now taught in over 70 countries around the world. They co-founded The Couples Institute® in 1984 and have trained thousands of therapists to master the art of working with couples.

Pete co-authored Tell Me No Lies (2001) and an award-winning textbook, In Quest of the Mythical Mate (1988), with his wife Ellyn. The two of them have been trusted resources for TV, radio, and print publications, appearing on Nightline, CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, several NPR programs, and more than 70 other publications and programs.


“I had a lovely experience with a couple using the material in Rethinking First Sessions. They both reported feeling validated, cared for, ‘got’. They showed a great deal of empathy, self reflection and acknowledgement of each other. They felt softer towards each other, and touched and high-fived each other at times in mutual appreciation.”

L.C. from Australia

“I’ve learned how to take charge in sessions, how to be an effective leader, and how to deliver the results that the couples really wanted. I have seen Pete and Ellyn transform the work of therapists all over the world in the same way. Their training and guidance should be mandatory for every therapist!”

M.J. California, USA

“I was, and am still, amazed how guiding them to take this alternate view of what is going on can so effectively calm the reactivity.”

Helene Beddingfield, LMFT, Fair Oaks, CA


Who can benefit from this collection?
This material is ideal for any therapist struggling with hostile angry couples and wanting more effective interventions. It provides skills to improve leadership, direction, and structure when sessions feel chaotic and unproductive. Individual therapists can also use the tools to help clients with relationship conflicts.
What is your guarantee?
With 3 products bundled at one low price, refunds are not offered. But we guarantee you'll discover new techniques to help transform shouting matches into breakthroughs. This collection is packed with insights to refresh your approach.
Why invest in this bundle?
We rarely offer top-level training at such a steep discount. Gaining one new skill for working with your most challenging couples makes the investment worthwhile. If you're new to our approach, these resources provide an excellent primer for successful couples treatment.
Can I download everything?
You can download the audios and PDFs directly. The videos are available for instant streaming at your convenience.
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Get the full bundle for just $97 (regularly $249) until Monday, November 27 at 11:59pm Pacific. This exclusive sale at 61% off ends soon!
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