Joe Winn

LICSW, CST-S – Certified Sex Therapist / Social Worker

Your Guide to Gender & Orientation Fluidity in Couples Therapy.

During our time together,
Joe Winn presented:

  • A sexological worldview of the gender and orientation fluid environment and the evolution to where we are now.
  • A discussion of Harry Aponte’s therapist model and a way to look at possible biases you have – including why it’s okay if you do, and what to do about it.
  • A framework for working with clients that combines couples therapy and sex therapy.
  • Rich case examples and discussions of what to do in certain situations.
  • A judgment-free open floor for questions. You can bring your questions and come away with some ideas to use right away.

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To reach Joe directly you can: email him at: [email protected], visit his website, or call him at (617) 461-8479

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