Clinical Demonstration by Ellyn Bader, Ph.D.

You see them every week – partners in distressed relationships who maintain such strong, negative views of one another that there’s a stranglehold on their relationship. How can you help them see more clearly and reconnect.

These couples’ negative views are strongly entrenched and they do not shift easily. Instead of using data to evolve a more positive view, these partners tend to configure reality in ways that support their negative pictures. They then look for evidence to support these negative projections. In some cases, they’ve been regarding others in their important relationships this way since childhood.

The high level of distress that is a constant in these relationships will not dissipate without a significant change in the negative view. But how to change it, when it is their reality, and they’re not easily shaken from it?

In this simulated session, Ellyn demonstrates how to dismantle a wife’s negative view of her husband’s selfishness. This unrelenting belief contributes to the persistence of anger, distance and limited problem solving options. See how Ellyn gently but persistently challenges this couple to understand their misperception and begin to connect in a more loving way.

You will learn a twelve step process for identifying, confronting and untangling negative and destructive beliefs.

You will receive the DVD and also a transcript of a session with a real couple where you can follow along as Ellyn works with the projection of selfishness.

You will be able to use this process actively with your own clients to more skillfully intervene in their destructive interaction.

Running time: 1 hour

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“Couples Therapy: Dismantling Negative Projections”