Is a Couples Intensive Right For You?

Transform Your Relationship in Just 2 Days

If your relationship is at a critical point and you and your partner… 

  • Repeat the same arguments
  • Struggle with communication
  • Have conflict over career or financial decisions
  • Deal with addiction or infidelity issues
  • Feel more like roommates than lovers

…an Intensive is for you.

Why Choose a Couples Intensive?

Your Intensive is a deep dive into your relationship's unique challenges and strengths. Over the course of two days, in a relaxed and supportive environment, you'll gain insights and tools specifically geared to you. There's ample time to absorb, practice, and master new skills, particularly in communication, to foster understanding and resolution.

It’s an opportunity for… 
  • Immediate Change: For those who want results now, not months later.
  • Intensive Focus: Uninterrupted time to delve deep and shift patterns to get change that lasts.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailored to your unique history and challenges.
  • Effective Communication: Learn to move past old resentments and transform how you interact.
  • Proven Results: Couples report learning more in these 2 days than they did in years of traditional counseling.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Hear from couples who found hope, resolution, and rejuvenation:

  • “We were 5 minutes from signing the divorce papers, and this intensive gave us hope for our future.”

  • “We finally learned a way to talk to each other that resolved an issue we have had for years.”

  • “This was an investment of time and money that had full value.”

  • “We learned more with you in 2 days than we did in one year of therapy!”

  • “The experiential part of the intensive was most helpful.”

  • “This was cheaper than divorce, and most importantly, kept my family together.”

What to Expect in Your Intensive

  • Customized Focus: Address your specific relationship challenges.
  • Skill Development: Learn and practice new ways to communicate and connect.
  • Experiential Learning: Immediate application and practice of new tools.
  • Lasting Tools: Leave with a guidebook for lifelong relationship support.

Therapy Framework: The Developmental Model

At the heart of your Couples Intensive experience is the renowned Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, a method that has transformed relationships worldwide. This approach was co-developed by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson, and applied to an intensive model in a program created by Lori Weisman, MA.

Why the Developmental Model?

  • A New Perspective on Conflicts: Instead of viewing relationship struggles as problems to be fixed, the Developmental Model sees them as opportunities for personal growth. It's about harnessing these challenges as catalysts for change.

  • Focus on Strengths: This approach emphasizes the inherent strengths within your relationship. By building on these positive aspects, you create a more solid and resilient bond.

  • Internationally Recognized: The Developmental Model is not just another therapy method. It's a globally acclaimed approach that has helped countless couples find a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

  • Expert Guidance: Undergoing a Couples Intensive means working with therapists who are not just trained but deeply immersed in the principles of the Developmental Model. These professionals, including those trained by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Lori Weisman MA, bring a wealth of experience and insight, ensuring that your Couples Intensive is both transformative and supportive.

Take the First Step Towards Transformation

Ready to revitalize your relationship?

Get in touch here to learn more about intensives and be matched with one of our specially trained therapists.

Remember, it's not just therapy. It's an intensive journey to a stronger, healthier relationship. Your relationship deserves this chance.

Exploring Other Options?

If you're looking for more traditional weekly therapy with a Developmental Model therapist, click here to explore your options.

For Therapists Interested in the Developmental Model

If you are a therapist interested in learning more about the Developmental Model, the foundation of our 2-day Couples Intensives,  get the Starter Series right here. This series provides an introduction to the methodologies and techniques that have reshaped countless relationships.

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