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Thank you for your order. On this page you will find your new digital resources. You can listen to them here or you can download and use them on your mobile device. Print components can be downloaded here, too.




1. Rethinking First Sessions


Click here to download the written summary in pdf form


2. Breakthroughs with the Passive Aggressive Spouse


Click here to download the transcript.

Here are two additional resources that you can download:

  1. Help! My Partner Must Be Passive Aggressive
  2. Traits of the Passive Aggressive Personality


3. Ending Chaos, Mayhem, and Verbal Violence


Click here to download the transcript.

And here are three handouts I mentioned on the call:

  1. "The 7-Step Approach to Influence Your Partner to Change"
  2. "The Daily Double"
  3. "How to Get The Most From Your Couples Therapy"



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