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Anger After Infidelity

Part 5 of 9 Mini-Workshop

Join me as I show you some video segments from an experiential workshop I did at a recent conference. If you’re like many therapists I know, you may be struggling with how to deal with “electronic affairs” - especially when they keep coming back.

You’ll see me work with a very familiar situation of anger after infidelity. It is extremely common for affair partners to resurface via email, phone or text.

Here you’ll see a conflict avoidant couple who were doing well until the husband received a message from an affair partner.

This trigger re-stimulated trauma and unresolved pain for the wife. She is in despair and also highly outraged because her husband didn’t respond to the message the way she wanted. She isn’t able to get past her anger and is thinking about leaving the marriage.

Watch me work with a group of trained therapists and the client on how to promote development in a client who is stuck and having trouble getting past her anger.