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I've just boiled down self-defeating interventions and described 5 harmful mistakes that couples therapist make.

Maybe you were surprised to discover you are making several of them.

The good news? It’s not your fault.

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Let's review what you'll get from the Developmental Model online training program.

24 Essential Lessons: The Foundation of the Developmental Model
You’ll get 24 written lessons on the fundamentals of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy. Each downloadable lesson comes with an interactive message board so you can get answers to your questions in 24-48 hours. You'll learn how to take on issues such as:

  • How to Integrate Individual Sessions Into Your Couples Work
  • How to Manage Confidentiality
  • How to Integrate Couples Therapy When One Partner Is in Early Recovery
  • How to Handle Sexual Desire Discrepancy
  • How to Handle Threats of Violence or Divorce
  • How to Manage a Couple Threatening to Terminate

Videos: See the Experts in Action
Watch Ellyn and Pete intervene in real life sessions. Seeing the theory in action will help you diagnose and change troubled couples.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  1. First Sessions
  2. Using the Paper Exercise for Diagnosis and Intervention
  3. Managing the Crisis of Infidelity
  4. Confronting Jealousy
  5. Building Developmental Capacities with the Initiator-Inquirer Process
  6. Working with Intrapsychic Conflict-Closeness vs Autonomy
  7. Building Teamwork in a Hostile/Angry Couple

Clinical Training Calls: Ellyn Applies the Theory to Tough Cases

These live calls focus on clinical cases and will enhance your perspective on challenging situations. They give you an opportunity to get your questions answered. You simply cannot get this important ongoing feedback from a workshop or book. Participate live each month or listen to any of the 90 archived calls. Here are some you get to listen to right away:

  1. Transgender Disclosure
  2. Macro and Micro Issues with Hostile/Fighting Couples
  3. Regression Triggered by Family of Origin Conflict that Becomes Couples Conflict
  4. Couples and Addiction
  5. Using Individual Sessions to Deepen the Couples Work
  6. Recognizing Developmental Progress: Inches and Openings
  7. The Challenges of Working with an Avoidant Partner

With the arrival of each new lesson my understanding of the dynamics of couples relationship from a developmental perspective steadily increased. The course included practical and theoretical training presentation from leading experts in related subjects, and a forum to network with other therapist. It has been an enriching experience for me, both personally and professionally. ‘Nancy St. John, H.Dip Counseling Tullamore Ireland’

You will also get:

Case Consultation

Submit your challenging cases for feedback from Ellyn and your fellow colleagues. These are just a few examples of past cases the group has worked on together:

  • The No-orgasm Secret
  • Narcissist Having an Affair
  • Are We Best to Separate?

Bonus Calls: The best way to learn from the most specialized experts including Dan Siegel, Janis Spring, Esther Perel, and Peter Pearson.

I love the way this training program has changed my work with couples. I know I’m really helping them and that I have a road map to follow. ‘Sue Diamond-Potts, Vancouver, B.C.’

Some More Hidden Treasures of the Program

  • Access to our members only couples site ($297 value)
  • Showcase your expertise and get referrals from other members
  • Find referrals to trusted colleagues in the members directory
  • Join a peer group and collaborate with colleagues
  • Enjoy 15% off all Couples Institute Products
  • Potential to receive 36 CE Credits

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