Here’s the full schedule:

  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, September 9, 10am Pacific. Replay available here:What Do You Do When Your Clients Aren’t Telling You What You Need to Know?
  • Article and Transcript, September 10:What Do You Do When Partners in a Power Struggle Refuse to Budge?
  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, September 11, 1pm Pacific:What Do You Do When Couples Think Their Problem is Simply Communication?
  • Article and Clinical Transcript, September 12:What Do You Do When Narcissistic Clients Criticize, Attack, and Dominate Your Sessions?
  • Live 90 Minute Webinar, Friday Sept 13, 1pm Pacific:What Do You Do When a Client Can’t Stop Obsessing About the Details of an Affair?

Before each webinar, you’ll get a link to join. Make sure you show up on time because we’ll start right away, and I have a ton to share with you.

I’m looking forward to having you join me on September 9.

To your growth,