The Delicate Art of Transforming Hostile Angry Couples

Dr. Ellyn Bader will deliver a free series of 10 articles to help you
work with one of the most challenging types of couples!

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If working with Hostile Angry Couples leaves you frustrated and exasperated,
this may be the most important mini-training you'll ever take.

Dr. Ellyn Bader brings you a free series that addresses the most common problems when working with these uniquely challenging couples, like:

  • Why Hostile Angry Couples are so frustrating to work with!
  • 3 Patterns of Motivation and why increasing motivation is so essential
  • How to challenge Pervasive Unreliability
  • Taming Anger After Infidelity
  • How to start over if a session has gone off the rails
  • Why homework and exercises don't work and what to do about it
  • Getting traction when fighting couples bring in new complaints every week
  • The predictable sequence of change over time

And so much more!

Ellyn Bader, Ph.D., and Peter Pearson, Ph.D. have been featured in: