Saturday, April 30

5pm Pacific Time

As the war in Vietnam raged, one of the largest and most successful youth-led resistance movements in American history was growing at home.
Hundreds of thousands of young men who were opposed to an unjust war said NO to being drafted into the military, risking up to five years in federal prison. Their individual courage and collective nonviolent actions helped end a tragic war and the draft.
As a former Vietnam war protester and activist at the Institute for the Study of Non-Violence, I have a tender place in my heart for this film. These are people I worked closely with, mobilizing tremendous resistance to an unjust war.
Their story is timeless and the message especially relevant considering current world events.

Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Judith Ehrlich, The Boys Who Said NO! tells for the first time the inspiring story and impact of the draft resistance movement.

You’re invited to a free screening of The Boys Who Said No!
April 30 from 5pm-6:30pm Pacific.

We hope you'll also join us at 6:45pm for a live panel discussion with Bob Eaton and Daniel Ellsberg

“Enlightening and absorbing… a film that speaks to the present as eloquently and as urgently to its audience as the resistors did to their audiences 50 years ago. The Boys Who Said No! is too important a film to be missed.”

– Emily Chase,
“Oscar-nominated documentarian Judith Ehrlich (The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers) is back with another terrific film about Vietnam War-era resistance. An ode to the power of activism.”

– G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

“A powerful film. Ninety minutes of goodness.”
– KTVU, Fox Mornings on 2

Some films are too important not to see. The Boys Who Said No! is one of those films.

As funders of this film, my husband Dr. Peter Pearson and I invite you to gather with us (online) on April 30 at 5pm to see what can happen when a group of people has the moral and social courage to stand up for what they believe in. And to spark or renew your belief that your voice also has the power to make a lasting difference.

We have arranged an incredible opportunity after the screening at 6:45pm Pacific: a panel discussion with Bob Eaton, one of the resisters in the film. And Daniel Ellsberg, analyst and activist who risked it all to release a top-secret government study on the Vietnam war.

There is no charge to attend. There will be a short 72-hour replay period, but I hope you can put aside everything on your busy schedule and take some time for yourself. Gather with like-minded therapists or friends, be transported to a time when social change began with the smallest of acts, and remember the power of standing up for what you believe in. 

“Melbourne Film Festival Top Five. A fascinating documentary about the lengths that a government would go to in order to keep a war machine working, and also the ways in which passive as well as active protest can be a tool of change.”


Right Now
“Profound and startling in its revelation of how the revolution to justice starts with one person understanding their power to say no. Fascinating because it is a movement from the beginning to end offering lessons learnt to future fighters for justice.”


“Shows how bravery and courage are contagious. As this feature presents, it's when one steps out of the pages of history that people can pave a way for real change. Successful resistance doesn't have to be violent, and social change can start from the smallest of acts. An interesting, thought-provoking and ultimately challenging film, The Boys Who Said NO! is not to be missed.”



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