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Polyamory: Therapeutic Challenges, Confrontations,
And Solutions
With Martha Kauppi

In her webinar, Martha revealed:

  • A brief overview of ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, and swinging.
  • A theory on why polyamory makes sense and who can benefit from it.
  • How attachment theory can work with open relationships.
  • The intersection of mental health, attachment issues, infidelity, and relationship satisfaction.
  • How to help clients when one partner wants to open up and the other doesn’t (the answer isn’t what you think!).
  • How couples can build a secure connection, and hold steady through challenging negotiations.
  • How to help couples recover from a history of “poly gone wrong”.

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If you haven't already downloaded this article that Martha wrote about working with one of the challenges that is inevitable when working with poly clients: jealousy.

The article is free. Click here to read Polyamory in Therapy: Working with Jealousy

It’s designed to boost your confidence discussing Polyamory and jealousy with couples. Martha shares why it’s the #1 skillset you need to be effective with these clients, and strategies to working with the layers of narrative that drive jealousy including several approaches to working effectively with self regulation, and more.

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We hope you gained some insights for working with these types of couples.

Ellyn Bader and Martha Kauppi