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Help! My Partner Must Be Passive Aggressive

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And then imagine this scenario.

You get a call from a respected colleague who wants to refer a couple to you. Good news. You have an opening.

“Oh, by the way,” they say, “This man is really, really passive aggressive and his wife is really, really angry with him.”

You’re not alone if your enthusiasm for the referral is quickly replaced with ambivalence.

You mentally review why passive aggressive personalities are teeth-gnashingly frustrating.

  • They don’t keep agreements. They can find loopholes even if they negotiated an agreement and signed in blood.
  • They rarely express what they want, and then they complain about what they get.
  • It is sooooo hard not to get parental when you inevitably confront them about their irresponsibility.
  • You understand and agree with the spouse’s complaints. Despite your best efforts, you take sides.
  • You give a brilliant insight into their struggles but your passive aggressive client finds a tiny nitpick and elevates it into prominence and the next thing you know, you’re in a go-nowhere debate.
  • They define themselves by the best of their intentions and the worst of their partner’s behavior.

And how about this? When passive aggressive clients terminate, they often cancel appointments and then quit without saying anything, leaving most therapists with mixed feelings of relief and failure.

It’s understandable since nobody enjoys feeling inadequate. Nobody likes that clutch in your stomach when one shows up in your practice…


All that is about to change!

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After working with this population for thousands of hours and sessions full of stomach churning frustration, I’ve had a breakthrough!

I do not use this term lightly. In fact, I’ve never seen “breakthrough” and “passive aggressive” in the same sentence—until now!

These hard-won insights are now available in one inexpensive, efficient training call.

You now get what was once thought to be practically impossible—creating teamwork for a couple with a passive aggressive spouse.

And you can apply this approach to most couples in any stage of therapy.


What qualifies me to make such a bold claim?

It’s not just my 30 years doing therapy with an average of 25 couples a week. Or my constant, creative approaches and experimentation with methods and interventions for couples.

Sure, that’s part of it. But before that I was a director of a drug treatment program. I also conducted group therapy in prisons and trained guards to lead group therapy with inmates.

Basically, it is teaching people who don’t want to be taught to change people who don’t want to change.

All my professional experiences have directed me towards this challenging work with passive aggressive personalities, and I feel driven to share it with others.


Now you can benefit from my years of struggle.

After just one training call, this could be your scenario:

  • Your couple has smoothly identified and set personal and relationship goals (almost impossible for most therapists with this population).
  • The passive aggressive partner confronts himself about the inevitable broken agreements without you or the spouse doing the confrontations.
  • Partners build up a cushion of mutual good will before tackling the tough presenting problems.
  • They work as a team. It is the only way they will achieve greater success.
  • Their motivation for change has increased.
  • You are a strong leader. The more dysfunctional the couple, the stronger the leadership role required of you. You have stopped reacting to their painful arguments and are leading them through their defensive layers of self-protection.
  • Your work just got a whole lot easier. Before long, you’re thinking this population is satisfying to help and serve!

As I said, I really paid my dues to learn this approach. I made mistakes, backtracked, took three steps forward and one back. But you don’t have to endure the same struggles.

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Your trustworthy guide,

Peter Pearson, Ph.D.