Tell Me No Lies Everybody lies. Friends lie to friends. Children lie to their parents. And, inevitably, husbands and wives lie to each other.

While partners lie to keep their marriage together, in reality they're helping to destroy it. In Tell Me No Lies, Ellyn Bader, Ph.D. and Peter Pearson, Ph.D. lead us through the four stages of marriage: 1) The Honeymoon, 2) Emerging Differences, 3) Freedom to Explore, 4) Together as Two.

This book offers a riveting account of the classic lies we tell during these stages. It is insightful and practical for couples who would like to improve their relationships, and for the therapists who help them.

You'll learn the difference between constructive lies and the ones that can destroy your relationship. You will discover the secret to sorting through individual differences to reach a state of mutual appreciation and cooperation.

The book presents insightful case examples of couples who illustrate typical behavior patterns. You will follow along as two couples—John and Sarah, and Paul and Mary—work through issues to build a stronger marriages. Becoming conscious of the lies within your marriage through an understanding of when, how and why you lie, will help you make your marriage stronger.
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What Others Are Saying…
“Bader and Pearson boldly explore little charted territory in Tell Me No Lies. With brilliance, clarity and precision, they expose and explore the subtle, dark side of marriage: the everyday deceptions that erode intimacy. But they effectively help couples out of that darkness by showing them how facing truth builds a marriage in which intimacy is based on trust.”
Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Author of Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Have