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  • Being an entrepreneur – starting your own business is an ongoing series of challenges. There is no finish line until you quit or sell out.

    The challenges keep rotating. There are so many different roles and responsibilities you take on that every aspect of your personality is stretched.

    Every entrepreneur knows if they are to grow their business it will involve a team effort with other individuals.

    But there is one often neglected aspect of the entrepreneur’s team.

    It is the entrepreneur’s marriage team. One of the secrets to a thriving business is a strong loving team on the home front. Perhaps it is the most important team for enduring professional and personal success.

    It’s a win-win or lose situation

    Both you and your spouse have to win on the home front, or you will feel like you are always running up hill in soft sand.

    The following questionnaire focuses on home front challenges. Going through the questionnaire may bring some increased clarity to challenges or opportunities. Ones that have been circulating around in your head but not quite fully articulated.

    Your responses can help Titanides become an even more valuable resource for you and the community.

    These are not usual questions asked of entrepreneurs even though they play a vital role in business success. Everyone who completes this survey will get a summary of the replies. You will also get a document that features 6 key success elements of all dedicated entrepreneurs and how they can be applied to your marriage to strengthen a loving team.